New Dorm res­i­dence. Julia Mullins | Collegian

Hillsdale has a house divided. Well, a res­i­dence hall divided.

This semester, the college allowed 30 freshmen women into New Dorm, which used to be an upper­classmen dorm. While women’s dorms have sep­a­rated freshmen from upper­classmen for years, men’s dorms do not have not.

Many freshmen said they would like to expand this age inte­gration across all dorms.

“It would be almost like a men­torship type thing where your suit­e­mates are upper­classmen that could help guide you along,” said Freshman Emily Griffith, a McIntyre res­ident. “I think that would be a cool oppor­tunity for everyone.”

Nathan Stanish, a freshman living in Simpson Res­i­dence, said he favors living in an inte­grated dorm. 

“I would say it gives us the double benefit of the expe­rience and maturity of the upper­classmen, without losing the sense of com­munity with people that you can relate to,” he said. 

However, it wasn’t just freshmen who were sup­portive of the idea.

Kate Brox, a senior living in Mauck Hall, said, “Girls’ dorms lack a certain flair com­pared to the guys’ dorms — I wish I had expe­ri­enced that.”

The seven stu­dents I talked to described dis­parity in culture and con­nection in the women’s dorms, which has created a sus­picion that women’s dorms are missing out on some­thing that the men’s dorms have. 

When sur­veyed, McIntyre res­i­dents were split on if women’s dorms should be com­bined in age. Some res­i­dents men­tioned that they don’t want to have to live with freshmen one day as upper­classmen, while others pointed out that the option of inte­grated dorms already exists through soror­ities and having upper­classmen res­ident assistants.

The best solution, which allows both sides to be content, is to allow all women the choice of living in an inte­grated dorm as another part of the housing appli­cation process.

New Dorm is the best can­didate for a per­ma­nently inte­grated dorm. Freshman Phoebe Van­Heyningen, a New Dorm res­ident, agreed that it could be a plau­sible solution.

“I feel like it gives you more of a grounding as a freshman, because you have so many years of expe­rience from all of the other girls,” she said.