Stu­dents cel­e­brate at the Garden Party in Slayton Arboretum in 2017.
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On Friday, the Stu­dents Activity Board will hold the annual Garden Party in the Slayton Arboretum for the first time since 2017 with the theme of “cot­tagecore,” according to SAB Director Zane Mabry.

The Garden Party is an annual semi-formal dance held in the fall. 

“The arb is a really neat area,” Mabry said. “It’s not the first place you think of to spend your time.”

The theme is a ref­erence to the popular internet aes­thetic, cot­tagecore, which is heavily influ­enced by roman­ticism and the French coun­tryside of the 1800s.

Mabry and Riley Arlinghaus, assistant director of student activ­ities, pro­vided stu­dents with some fashion guidance.

“Girls wear short dresses instead of long dresses,” Arlinghaus said. 

She said many stu­dents have chosen to wear floral pat­terns to the Garden Party throughout the years. Arlinghaus rec­om­mended that girls wear flats, wedges, or sneakers, as heels can make it dif­ficult to walk around in the grass.

For men’s attire, Mabry rec­om­mended khakis, a nice shirt, and to “at least begin the night with a tie.”

He added that some men choose to dress more for­mally in full suits.

Mabry said he is excited about the band who will be per­forming, Par­allel Fifth.

“They’re a cover band, but they’re pro­fes­sional and they sound awesome,” he said.

Junior Ava Helms said she is excited for her first outdoor Garden Party, as last year’s was can­celed due to COVID-19 reg­u­la­tions and the year before it was moved inside due to inclement weather.

“I think events like that really helped to forge that nice com­munity, that won­derful wel­coming com­munity that we have,” Helms said.