Two classic Dairy Queen Blizzards. Courtesy | Facebook
Two classic Dairy Queen Bliz­zards. Courtesy | Facebook

Hillsdale’s fast-food scene is expanding, with a new Dairy Queen restaurant slated to open in October.

The fast-food chain will be located at 3285 W Car­leton Rd,  in between Taco Bell and the Days Inn by Wyndham Hillsdale.

In Feb­ruary, the owner of the property sub­mitted pre­lim­inary site drawings to the city of Hillsdale for a Dairy Queen restaurant. City depart­ments reviewed and sub­mitted final site plans for approval in March, and the Dairy Queen website has since listed a  location “Coming Soon” in Hillsdale.

“They are hoping to be open in time for Hal­loween,” said Kelly LoPresto, who is in charge of grants and eco­nomic devel­opment for the city of Hillsdale.

Sophomore Josee Behling said the prospect of a new Dairy Queen sounded “exciting,” but that it would have to compete with already-estab­lished local restau­rants in Hillsdale and Jonesville.

“I think a Dairy Queen is unnec­essary, because there’s already The Udder Side and other places that serve ice cream treats, like McDonald’s,” Behling said. “It’s also nice knowing that The Udder Side is a small business that’s been around the com­munity for some time.”

Behling added that she thought people would only dine at Dairy Queen as a second choice, after local ice cream stores like The Udder Side.

Senior Riley Lindsay expressed similar sentiments.

“My concern is that they are going to take away the business of Udder Side, which I don’t like.” Lindsay said.

Senior Zechariah Miles said he’s excited to have more options in Hillsdale.

“I think that the late-night dessert thing is going to be pretty cool. What McDonald’s or Wendy’s offers just doesn’t cover it,”  Miles said.

Sophomore Paul Lin­dauer said, “I will go to Dairy Queen just for their Oreo Blizzards.”