Codie loves attention from Simpson’s female visitors. Courtesy | Peggy Wilson
Codie loves attention from Simpson’s female vis­itors.
Courtesy | Peggy Wilson

Despite the busy life people begin when they step foot onto Hillsdale College’s campus, many stu­dents and staff members have made time for furry friends in their life. 

When graduate student Koty Arnold needs time away from his desk, he takes a stroll around campus with his dog, Stella, not far behind. 

Stella gives Arnold a great excuse to put off homework and enjoy a break, he said.

“It gives me a great excuse to pro­cras­tinate by walking her around campus and getting some fresh air while she exer­cises,” Arnold said. 

Stella brightens his day with her energy, and cheers up every person she comes in contact with. 

“She wants to love on every person that comes within striking dis­tance of her,” Arnold said. “She tries to just bolt right at them even though she’s on a leash.”

Zac Ailes, a senior studying pol­itics, describes how his dog, Penny, is a good dis­traction from schoolwork at times. 

“She is fun to hang out with,” Ailes said. “She comes on rides with me and goes with me up to the range.” 

Buying a house across campus has allowed Ailes to take care of Penny and introduce her to many of his friends. Penny loves going every­where he goes, even if that is on campus. 

“She meets a lot of people that I visit with on a regular basis,” Ailes said.

It’s not just stu­dents who are enjoying the company of a furry friend. Simpson Dor­mitory reis­dents gets to spend time with their dorm dog, Codie. Peggy Wilson, Simpson house director and Codie’s owner, said Codie brightens the day of many stu­dents living there. 

“It is great having Codie here,” Wilson said. “She enjoys the attention and the guys really like just stopping and giving her attention. I believe even just a quick pet makes the guys happy. She can do several tricks and the guys really enjoy watching her do them.” 

Wilson said it is not only Simpson res­i­dents that enjoy the presence of Codie, but many vis­itors of Simpson, as well. 

“Codie really likes it when girls come over and she gets some female attention because she gets so much guy attention,” Wilson said.

It may seem unusual for a freshman to move into his dorm and the first thing he sees in the lobby is a dog. Wilson said many stu­dents arriving at Simpson during check-in are glad once they find out a dog lives there. 

“During freshman check in Codie lays right in the lobby and greets all of the new guys,” Wilson said. “They are really excited there’s a dog that is here.”