Current stu­dents and alum enjoying the tailgate (Left to Right: Reed Law ’21, Andrew Neil, Senior Eoghan Williams, Anthony DeLapp ’21, Junior Bennett Nichols, and Tyler Marman ’16

Dennis Fassett ’21

What was your major?

Mar­keting Management

What have you been doing post-graduation?

I was working for a healthcare IT company called Epic for a few months. As of this month, I’m doing PR con­sulting for a company called Pipeline Advisers.

What sort of events did the college host for the alumni during homecoming?

One of the ones I went to was the blue and white swim meet, which is an exhi­bition meet for the team where alumni can come back and swim. I went to see my little sister swim.

We tried to do the 40th Sig reunion last year, but COVID-19 kind of screwed that up. So, we did our 41st this year, and the alumni asso­ci­ation and some older Sigs all helped organize that celebration.

What’s your favorite home­coming memory?

We kind of had weird home­comings because of covid and all that. In my freshman year, the MC for mock rock absolutely roasted Sigma Chi for not par­tic­i­pating. That was pretty funny. The most fun thing for Sig home­comings is hearing what alumni used to do when Hillsdale had no rules. Espe­cially the guys from the 80’s. It was always cool for us all to hear all about that. 

What advice would you give to current students?

The most important thing is your rela­tion­ships and expe­ri­ences with people at Hillsdale. At the end of the day, getting a B instead of an A on an exam is not going to impact the rest of your life. Invest time in building rela­tion­ships and not getting wrapped in school. 

Is any­thing dif­ferent about Home­coming post COVID-19?

No, not at all. It was wonderful. 


Zoe Tracey ’16

What was your major?

Sports Man­agement

What have you been doing post graduation?

When I first grad­uated, I got a job in Tra­verse City, Michigan, coaching full time. Then I inter­viewed for the assistant swim coach job at Hillsdale in December 2016 and started working here in January 2017. 

What, if any­thing, is dif­ferent around here post COVID-19?

Last year we didn’t have it, but I think this is a really great turn out for home­coming. They offer a lot more now than when I was a student. They used to have the band play in the street, but now that it’s over there in the parking lot you can have every­thing more centralized. 

What’s your favorite home­coming tradition?

The blue and white swim meet!

Do you have any good home­coming mem­ories from your time here as a student?

The Jones family tailgate is done right. And we would go to mock rock, that was good, too. 


Theresa Jones ’86

What was your major?

Biology and French

What have you been doing post graduation?

I went to the Uni­versity of Michigan for grad school, and I had Hillsdale stu­dents as my room­mates. One was in law school and one was in grad school with me. We just moved Hillsdale to Ann Arbor.

What’s it like coming back for homecoming?

I’ve had kids here since 2009 nonstop, so I come back to see my kids and their friends. To see my fellow class­mates is just a bonus.

What’s your favorite home­coming tradition?

The tent party and the recent band on the quad. And obvi­ously, the football game because I had two players. I was really excited to see the student engagement at the first home game this year, it’s like the Hillsdale of yesteryear. 

What advice would you give to current students?

Enjoy your four years. Never will you be with so many smart, similar people for the rest of your life. It’s true what they say, it’s the people.