Nolan Ryan ’20 served as editor-in-chief of the Col­legian from 2019 – 2020.
Courtesy | Nolan Ryan

Last year’s editor-in-chief of the Col­legian won a first-place award for inves­tigative reporting and an hon­orable mention for best writer from the Michigan Press Asso­ci­ation in college jour­nalism awards announced last week.

Nolan Ryan ’20, reported on Hillsdale’s lawsuit against the Uni­versity of Mis­souri in 2019. Other jour­nalism stu­dents and alumni won six awards in several categories. 

“There was more com­pe­tition this year than in recent years,” Assistant Director of the Dow Jour­nalism Program Maria Servold said. “In many of the cat­e­gories we won, the winning piece was com­peting against more than 50 other pieces.”

Now a fifth grade human­ities teacher at Valor Public Schools in Austin, Texas, Ryan said he con­tinues to use skills he gained through journalism. 

“One of the huge ben­efits of writing for the Col­legian is the fact that it really is a training ground for honing com­mu­ni­cation skills,” Ryan said. “It also really trains people to be good reporters and good writers.” 

 Senior Stefan Kleinhenz won second place in the blog/review/column cat­egory for his op-ed on baseball and pol­itics. Kleinhenz said he plans to con­tinue to use his jour­nalism skills through doc­u­mentary film­making after graduation. 

“It’s jour­nalism at its very core, but it’s sto­ry­telling and in many cases it’s his­torical, so it’s more about what can we learn from these stories and how can we be better rather than ‘who said what today in D.C. and why do we hate them,’” he said. 

Kleinhenz echoed Ryan’s sen­ti­ments about the skills the Col­legian teaches students. 

“You learn how to be a better com­mu­ni­cator in our jour­nalism program, but you also learn how to be a better lis­tener and truly a better person,” Kleinhenz said. “You’re chal­lenged to tell stories and tell them right.”

Junior Reagan Gen­siejewski came in second for her feature story “Unsung heroes of Hillsdale: Walmart’s Jeff Quainton,” and senior Sofia Krusmark received hon­orable mention in the feature cat­egory for her article “Hillsdale couple ren­o­vates his­toric homes.” Senior Vic­toria Mar­shall placed third in the news cat­egory for her piece “COVID-19 halts life at Hillsdale College.”