Fayette Street Con­struction will resume later this month. Stefan Kleinhenz | Collegian

Road con­struction will resume on Fayette Street on April 26, and the city expects it to con­tinue until mid-May.

 The con­tractor, Hoffman Bros. Inc. of Battle Creek, MI, began the project late last year.

City Engineer Kristin Bauer said because the asphalt plants close in November, the city ran out of time to finish the project in the fall, but con­struction should be fin­ished within a few weeks.

“The week of April 26 they’re planning on closing the road to start digging it out and remove the stuff that needs to be removed,” Bauer said. “In the fol­lowing weeks we will put in new subbase, the new curb, and then get ready to pave.”

The con­tractor is ten­ta­tively expecting to pave it the week of May 10, but it could run slightly later than that. 

“I think probably April 26 to mid-May is when the road will be closed and then it should be opened back up,” Bauer said. 

The area of the street near the river is where the majority of the con­struction will take place, according to Bauer. 

“The part that’s already paved is only two of the three levels of asphalt, so we still have to put the top course of asphalt down there,” Bauer said. “So we have to fix the area where we put the box culvert in at the river, get all that base paved, and then we have to pave the entire section.”