Yoga has grown in pop­u­larity amongst stu­dents. Carmel Kookogey | Collegian

Yoga Club received pro­ba­tionary status at the Student Fed­er­ation meeting March 11.

Student Fed­er­ation Pres­ident Brandt Siegfried said the new club, like all clubs seeking to be rec­og­nized by the college, first begins with a one-semester trial period called probation.

“We don’t want to create a bunch of new clubs that then fall out of exis­tence,” Siegfried said. “Every new club that comes to the college needs to prove to the com­munity that it’s here to stay and make a lasting contribution.”

Junior Jade Juniper, founder of the club, said she became a cer­tified yoga teacher over the summer and wanted to start an official club at Hillsdale to lead stu­dents through yoga pos­tures, discuss yogic phi­losophy, and promote stress management.

“A lot of people who are in the yoga class don’t nec­es­sarily want to be doing it for credit,” Juniper said. “They just want a place to relax and connect with their peers.”

Student Fed­er­ation Trea­surer Isabella Maciejewski said some Christian com­mu­nities on campus might see yoga as spir­i­tually dangerous.

Juniper said the club does not have a reli­gious goal.

“It’s about mind­fulness, which doesn’t have to be a reli­gious practice,” Juniper said. “It’s about movement and physical health, and I intend to keep it that way, without taking a stance on religion.”

Juniper said she would use funding from the fed­er­ation to pay for lia­bility insurance to teach, which is $200 a year.

Clubs with full status require approval from at least half of the fed­er­ation to receive funding, but clubs on pro­bation need two-thirds of the federation’s approval to receive funding, Student Fed­er­ation Vice Pres­ident and Club Over­sight Com­mittee Chairman Thomas McPhee said.

After the pro­ba­tionary semester, the leaders of the yoga club will give a progress update to the fed­er­ation on mem­bership and event atten­dance, Siegfried said.

“All the yoga club has to do is come back and show what they’ve been up to and they will have full status with the college,” Siegfried said.