The Dow Center is cur­rently being ren­o­vated. Evalyn Homoelle | Collegian

Ren­o­va­tions on the Dow Con­ference Center began this week, kicking off a con­struction project that is expected to con­clude in the fall of 2021. 

Dow Hotel Director of Hos­pi­tality Aaron Tracey said in an email that the Dow A and B con­ference room, as well as con­ference rooms F and G, are being renovated.

“A and B is very out­dated and does not match the aes­thetics of Searle, Plaster, and other ren­o­va­tions at the Dow Center,” Tracey said. “Room G and Room F are in need of a ren­o­vation as well.”

Tracey said the ren­o­va­tions will not affect guests staying at the Dow Hotel, and the impact on stu­dents will be minimal. Guests, stu­dents, and faculty can expect noise from the con­struction site during the day as the project progresses.

The main con­se­quences of con­struction is a tem­porary loss of three con­ference rooms while Dow A and B and con­ference rooms F and G are out of com­mission. However, Gillespie, Searle and other spaces are still available for con­fer­ences and events.

“We still do our best to host your event where pos­sible,” Tracey said.

Improve­ments have been steadily made to the Dow for a number of years, but some areas remain untouched.

“Dow A and B were built in 1967, and when you walk in there, you feel like you’re in 1967,” Tracey said.

Plans for ren­o­vation are very grand, according to Tracey, par­tic­u­larly for Dow A and B. They include a glass ceiling to allow for natural light, a grand stairway on the north wall, a fire­place on the south wall, and banquet seating for 120 people, Tracey said.

Mark Bacci, project super­in­tendent for the ren­o­vation, said the vision will not start to come together until April. For now, the crew is focused on demolition. 

“We will begin setting new struc­tural items in mid- to late April,” Bacci said. “At that point, you will be able to start seeing what the end product will look like.”