LifeWays Com­munity Mental Health will receive a 3.8 million dollar grant. Courtesy | LifeWays Com­munity Mental Health

LifeWays Com­munity Mental Health in Jackson announced it will receive almost $4 million in federal funding after being cer­tified as a Com­munity Behav­ioral Health Clinic by federal regulators. 

Lifeways will receive a total of $3,886,311, giving it the ability to expand its ser­vices in Jackson and Hillsdale.

This funding is a result of the Excel­lence in Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Act authored by Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D‑Mich.) and Mis­souri Sen. Roy Blunt (R‑Mo.). This law estab­lished new CCBHCs, which allow the company to expand its behav­ioral health and addiction treatment services.

Com­panies cer­tified under the CCBHC des­ig­nation are required to provide 24/7 crisis ser­vices including out­pa­tient mental health and sub­stance abuse treatment ser­vices. Imme­diate screenings, risk assess­ments, diag­noses, care coor­di­nation with emer­gency rooms, and law enforcement must also be included. 

“The CCBHC des­ig­nation requires us to inte­grate physical and mental healthcare into a single location. Through this new funding we will be able to open up our ser­vices to more unin­sured or under­in­sured indi­viduals and expand our inte­grated systems,” said LifeWays Public Rela­tions Coor­di­nator Rebecca Calkins. 

The crisis ser­vices will be open to anyone, regardless of insurance “if they are going through a self-defined crisis,” said Calkins. 

“They will be able to talk to a crisis clin­ician as well as a peer support spe­cialist who is someone who has expe­rience with a mental crisis or sub­stance abuse in recovery,” said Calkins.

Sen. Stabenow said the funding pro­vides “momentum” to fund mental health ser­vices across the nation. 

“This his­toric funding increase will allow more Michi­ganders to get the help they need in their com­munity. It also pro­vides major momentum to fully fund cer­tified behav­ioral health ser­vices across our country,” said Senator Stabenow.

The grant money allows the facility to provide more ser­vices to the community. 

“LifeWays is now able to provide com­pre­hensive 24/7 access to com­munity-based mental and sub­stance use dis­order ser­vices, treatment of co-occurring dis­orders, and physical healthcare in one single location to any indi­vidual, regardless of their ability to pay or their place of res­i­dence,” said Maribeth Leonard, CEO of LifeWays. “This com­pre­hensive healthcare approach is the ful­fillment of our vision for the people of our com­mu­nities, who we are honored to serve.