Hillsdale College announced it would suspend in-person classes for the remainder of the spring semester in 2020. Nolan Ryan | Collegian

For the third week in the row, there are no con­firmed cases of COVID-19 on campus, according to the Student Activ­ities Office newsletter.  Over the last two months, only six stu­dents have tested pos­itive for the virus.

One student is cur­rently in iso­lation awaiting test results after exhibiting COVID-19-like symptoms. 

Director of Student Activ­ities Ashlyn Landherr ’16 said she’s noticed an increas­ingly active student body, which she attributes to a spirit of grate­fulness for having a full, in-person semester for the first time since 2019.

“Campus wants to do a lot right now. There’s a lot of music and theater going on and SAB has its normal schedule,” Landherr said. “In com­parison to past years, stu­dents may be a little more active this semester because they’re happy to be here.”

A little more than a year ago, Hillsdale stu­dents were sent home for spring break. They didn’t return to campus until the beginning of the fall semester. 

“All of the campus, stu­dents, staff, faculty, are cher­ishing these times, because we know what it’s like to not have them,” Landherr said.

Hillsdale stu­dents have a packed schedule the rest of the semester: The Pan­hel­lenic council is hosting its annual Greek Week this week, SAB is planning Cen­tral­hal­la­palooza, and the football, softball, baseball, golf, cross country, and tennis teams all have scheduled com­pe­ti­tions. The senior class is also planning for a normal grad­u­ation for the class of 2021, where Hillsdale’s 169th com­mencement speaker Tim Allen will address the senior class.

As of now, Hillsdale is in a much better spot than it was a year ago, said Asso­ciate Dean of Men Jef­ferey Rogers.

“The forecast of 2021 looks not partly sunny but fully sunny,” Rogers said. “It’s a beau­tiful day at Hillsdale College, com­pared to last year when everybody was at home.”

A year ago, as stu­dents were on spring break away, the Col­legian reported that classes would tran­sition online, the dining hall would only offer to-go options, study-abroad trips would be can­celed, and the Wash­ington-Hillsdale Internship Program would be ter­mi­nated for the rest of the semester. A headline from March 22 read: “COVID-19 halts life at Hillsdale College.”

A year later, with classes in full swing, a fully occupied dining hall, summer study abroad trips booked, and WHIP intern­ships secured, life goes on at Hillsdale College.