As CCA attendees descend the esca­lators of the Searle Center for check-in, they are greeted by CCA staff members sporting business casual attire. Are their outfit choices tied by a common thread? 

Senior Taryn Murphy, CCA student assistant, enjoys dressing up for CCAs.

CCA staff Kate Ford, Natalie Kent, Ellen Hancock, Sabrie Dalton and Caitlin Claypool show off their fashion choices. (Hillsdale Collegian)

“I do often dress like this because I work in the pres­i­dent’s office so I have to wear pro­fes­sional dress there too. And I’m very com­fortable in these kinds of clothes so I really enjoy it, and I think everybody on the team does too,” she says. 

Though the only dress code is pro­fes­sional business attire, student assis­tants choose to match in a certain color each day of the week. 

“Before the week starts we’ll pick a color for each day. And we will all match that day. and we have a lot of fun with it,” Murphy said. 

Several CCA staff members have staple outfit items for every CCA. For example, Junior Penny Heipel has ear­rings that she wears for each CCA. Heipel and AK Ragan, also a junior, bring their vintage chic style into CCA fashion with turtle­necks and loafers. 

Junior Natalie Kent, CCA team leader, most recently wore her favorite spring dress to the “Jane Austen on Film” CCA. 

“You’d be sur­prised at how chilly it gets in the Searle Center and Plaster Audi­torium, so I recently wore a floral pat­terned maxi dress with mid length sleeves that was belted at the waist. Not only was it a fun and flowery statement dress to cel­e­brate the lovely Spring weather, but it also kept me warm during the Jane Austen movies.” 

About half of women who work at CCA wear their outfit all day, while others prefer to change beforehand. 

Kent and Murphy wear their outfits to class, while others, like sophomore Kate Pipher, change. 

“It’s fun to dress up every once in a while and strut your stuff,” Murphy said.