Katy Faust spoke to stu­dents about chil­dren’s rights last Thursday.
Andrew Dixon | Collegian

Inten­tionally stripping parents from their children is one of the greatest injus­tices inflicted upon youth, and by extension, the world. 

That’s how Katy Faust, an advocate of children’s rights, framed her lecture on the inten­tional attacks upon children by adults who force them to lose out on a parent because of their pre­ferred sexual attachment, whether that be in a same-sex union or a divorced couple seeking new love.

In a Feb. 18 lecture hosted by the Dow Jour­nalism Program, the department of phi­losophy and religion, Inter­varsity Fel­lowship, and the Catholic Society, Faust spoke about her new book, “Them Before Us: Why We Need a Global Children’s Rights Movement,”which seeks to bring awareness to the natural rights children possess and how those rights are being stripped from them by the world’s attack on bio­logical families. 

As a child who was raised in a lesbian rela­tionship, Faust said she seeks to combat the popular nar­rative that kids don’t need both a mom and a dad in order to develop normally. 

 “Losing one’s parent out of inten­tion­ality is an injustice,” Faust said.

 Faust argued that children possess an inalienable right to one father and one mother who are bio­log­i­cally related to the child. Faust said these natural rights exist before gov­ernment insti­tu­tions, are inherent, and are equally dis­tributed among every person on the planet. 

The bio­logical aspect is important, Faust said, as it fosters the deepest, most con­nected, and most involved parental rela­tionship pos­sible com­pared to a child with same-sex parents or who had a sur­rogate mother.

“Children receive bio­logical identity and intrinsic value from their bio­logical parents,” she said.

 Faust also spoke about how stripping away a child’s parent creates a “father-hunger” or “mother-hunger” in the child. This is char­ac­terized as a need for the opposite sex in their life to help them in the for­mation of their identity. Faust spoke from per­sonal expe­rience, as a child whose mother divorced her father to live with a woman. While Faust stated she loves her mother and the woman who helped raise her, the expe­rience pro­voked her to write an open letter to retired Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, as he delib­erated on the Oberg­erfell v. Hodges case that would legalize same-sex mar­riage, detailing how dan­gerous it is to children to allow same-sex couples to parent.

According to Faust, mul­tiple studies done by pyschol­o­gists have proven that kids of both sexes perform better both in school and socially when par­ented by one father and one mother, yet that research is ignored and essen­tially thrown out when dis­cussing children par­ented by same-sex couples. 

 Freshman Emily Jones said she loved hearing someone finally say children were the actual victims in broken families. 

 “Coming from a broken home, I had never heard that before from an adult,” Jones said, adding that she appre­ciated the focus on the children in need and less on the adults’ wants. 

Faust said it is easy for Chris­tians to oppose same-sex unions as proof of broken fam­ilies. But, she argued, focusing on only one aspect of broken family life con­tributes to the losing fight. 

One of the main problems the church has failed to face, has been dealing evenly with all aspects of moth­er­lessness and father­lessness, which includes repro­ductive tech­nologies such as sur­rogacy, sperm donation, and, Faust empha­sized, no-fault divorce. 

In order to suc­cess­fully begin fighting back, Faust said Chris­tians must be unafraid to go where kids’ rights are being vio­lated, even if that involves divorced church members or your homo­sexual friends.

 She then went on to detail how various repro­ductive tech­nologies like sperm donation and sur­rogacy are harmful to children, rather than cre­ating new oppor­tu­nities for families.

 “Sur­rogacy cuts the bond between the birth mother and child and inflicts a wound that is inten­tional, and that is an injustice,” Faust said.

Likewise, sur­rogacy and sperm donation inten­tionally erase one parent from the equation and inten­tionally deprive a child from their right to a bal­anced, stable, two-gender parent relationship.

 Faust then spoke about the need to emphasize kids’ rights over parents’ rights, and stressed that true parents’ rights will never be in con­flict with kids’ rights.

 Nathan Schlueter, pro­fessor of phi­losophy and religion, said the breakdown of the family is not talked about enough in our culture.

 “There is no stronger cor­re­lation, sta­tis­ti­cally, to human flour­ishing, than the family structure,” Schlueter said. “All social crises start with the family and therefore the most effective way to combat such crises is to start with the family.”