Grad­u­ation is less than 100 days away. For seniors, this means a gauntlet of job appli­cation dead­lines, com­pre­hensive exams, and thesis pre­sen­ta­tions. But it also means the end of your college career. 

Seniors, you will spend the rest of your lives looking back on these four years. Use this time wisely: you may soon be wishing you had savored your time with friends and embraced your edu­cation more fully.

The purpose of Hillsdale College is to pursue truth, beauty, and goodness through diligent edu­cation and study. And grades are important — but they aren’t the most important thing. 

There are only three months left to enjoy weekend brunches at Finish Line, Student Activ­ities Board’s bowling matches, and late nights talking to your friends about any­thing and every­thing. Addi­tionally, there are only three more months in which your primary vocation is to read and study deeply — not just rush through assign­ments to finish them, but to truly gain knowledge. There are only three more months to make the most of your Hillsdale expe­rience, rather than merely trudging along.

You may forget your exam scores, but you probably won’t forget Dr. Arnn’s cap­stone lec­tures on the purpose of edu­cation. Talk to the pro­fessors you admire. Don’t waste time stressing out over grades, but rather focus on what you would gen­uinely like to learn before you’re released into the world.