Michigan restau­rants reopened indoor dining on Feb­ruary 1 under revised con­di­tions which include a 25% capacity limit and a 10 p.m. curfew. The reopening follows a nearly 3‑month ban imple­mented by Gov. Whitmer to prevent the spread of COVID. 

This partial return to regular indoor dining proved to be a delight for many Hillsdale stu­dents, eager to expe­rience the social aspect of going out to eat again. 

Sophomore Aly Janke cel­e­brated the reopening of restau­rants with friends by going to the Hunt Club for a late dinner. 

“It was awesome to get to have the com­munity aspect of dinner back; I def­i­nitely missed that a lot.”

Janke men­tioned that she was finally able to study at Rough Draft again and enjoyed a latte while doing homework and spending time with her sister.

Senior Sam Swayze went to El Cer­ritos and PNG (Here’s to You Pub & Grub) and said that the envi­ron­ments of both restau­rants were back to normal.

Junior Natalie Kent said that the first place she visited after the reopening was El Cer­ritos, and she and her sig­nif­icant other, Reed, were not the only ones there. 

“When we walked in the door, we were one of 5 parties waiting to be sat, in what was already a decently busy dining area,” said Kent. “All the patrons we encoun­tered, many of whom were friends and other Hillsdale stu­dents, seemed just as glad to be back as Reed and I were.”

Like Aly, Natalie noted that the most enjoyable part of returning to indoor dining was the com­munity aspect.

Although the food was won­derful, perhaps the most enjoyable part of the return to in-person dining was the feeling of the restored com­munity, and support to small business,” Kent said.