Here’s to You Pub and Grub nom­i­nated for an award from Mlive Courtesy | Sean Callaghan

Here’s to You Pub & Grub was recently nom­i­nated, among 130 other Michigan restau­rants, for “Best Outdoor Seating.” 

With the help of local readers, Amy Sherman, reporter of MLive’s Michigan Best and former restaurant chef, nom­i­nated Pub & Grub for its rep­u­tation among diners for good food, good atmos­phere, and a cre­ative menu. 

“They are known for being a fun place to visit and for having good food,” Sherman said. “The restau­rants that are having the most success are ones like Pub & Grub that are really focusing on some­thing unique.” 

One feature of the Pub & Grub’s outdoor setting is a hibachi grill. Owner Kevin Conant said that he cuts his own steaks and makes his entire menu from scratch, including soups and sauces. 

“It sounded fun to do,” Conant said. “I do a lot of Asian food and everybody really likes what I’ve done so I figured I’d take it to the next level and cook it in front of everyone.” 

Conant said that the restaurant’s outdoor seating has also created a place for the com­munity to get together. 

“The outdoor seating is some­thing fun for people to do because rather than being locked down for so long, people just come outside,” he said. 

The local com­munity has pro­vided support for restau­rants like Pub & Grub to thrive, Conant said. 

Cus­tomers Ricardo Gomez and Lewis Miller eat at the restaurant fre­quently and said they always come away with a pos­itive experience. 

“As far as food goes, they have some really good cre­ations,” said Miller, who added he espe­cially likes the french fries. “They have unique takes on your typical burger that you can’t get elsewhere.” 

Sherman agreed, saying it is one of her favorites in the area. 

“We were impressed with the food when we were there in this little tiny restaurant,” Sherman said. “It’s not what you would expect, but I love that they are doing some­thing dif­ferent with their outdoor seating. Seeing a picture of the hibachi grill made me want to drive down to Pub & Grub.” 

With so many people seeking places to eat out, Conant said his team has struggled to keep up with the demand.

“We’ve served the com­munity for a long time and we have a huge clientele,” he said. “Most of the time it’s hard to keep people out of the doors.” 

Conant added that he hopes to be at 50% capacity by the end of the month.