Lupini and Rothfuss dance with the Arnns after being crowned Pres­i­dent’s Ball king and queen. Andrew Dixon | Collegian

Senior psy­chology major Claire Lupini and senior bio­chem­istry major Spencer Rothfuss were crowned queen and king of the president’s court by Hillsdale College Pres­ident Larry Arnn at the annual President’s Ball on Sat­urday night.

“Claire and Spencer are both excep­tional rep­re­sen­ta­tives of our Hillsdale College campus com­munity,” Chair­woman and Asso­ciate Pro­fessor of Chem­istry Courtney Meyet said in an email. “Not only are they out­standing scholars in their dis­ci­plines of study, but they have also made them­selves known throughout campus by their out­reach, lead­ership, and men­torship to other students.”

Both Rothfuss and Lupini are extremely involved in mul­tiple sects of campus life. 

Lupini is the small events leader on the Student Activ­ities Board, works at the St. Peter’s Free Clinic as the vol­unteer coor­di­nator, and is in the Lamp­lighters, Omicron Delta Kappa Lead­ership, and Psi Chi Psy­chology honoraries.

Rothfuss is the former chairman of Equip Ministries. 

“I was shocked and excited and honored and hon­estly, speechless,” Lupini said. “I was so beyond honored that I won — it was a moment I’ll never forget.”

According to her boss Zane Mabry, director of student activ­ities, Lupini is a won­derful example of the values Hillsdale instills in students.

“Her work ethic is super apparent. As far as SAB goes, she’s often looked to as one of the leaders, and one of the wiser members,” Mabry said. “She’s trusted by the whole team not only with ideas but  char­acter-wise as well. She’s a good model of both like good work in terms of what happens on SAB, but also good char­acter as a whole.”

Pro­fessors are encouraged to nom­inate seniors for the Pres­i­dent’s Ball court on mul­tiple cri­teria: high aca­demic achievement, campus involvement, and most of all, strong char­acter. From there, a panel of five faculty members conduct inter­views with all 10 nom­inees to determine who would best rep­resent the senior class.

In an email to The Col­legian, Rothfuss said he didn’t want glory. 

“Should I bother to make a list of my qual­i­fi­ca­tions it would be, I assure you, banal at best,” Rothfuss said. “Even more so, however, I have no desire for that list to be the thing com­mu­ni­cated to my peers about my rep­re­senting them. If my stint as rep­re­sen­tative king is to be of any value, it is to exhort next year’s king and the rest of the stu­dentry on how to properly view success.”

Rothfuss also sub­mitted an opinion piece to The Col­legian titled “A Message from the King.”

“Even if you, reader, never get a crown, live so that you won’t be ashamed to smile under one,” Rothfuss wrote.

Assistant Pro­fessor of Theatre Christopher Matsos, who said he has gotten to know Lupini over her four years at Hillsdale, said her kindness and humility made her a joy to have in class.

“Claire brings a warm, calm, and con­fident energy to the classroom,” Matsos said in an email. “She has peri­od­i­cally invited me to par­tic­ipate in SAB events she has orga­nized, where I’ve found her to be a poised and resourceful leader. If my faculty col­leagues have had any­thing like the pos­itive expe­ri­ences I have had working with Claire, I am not at all sur­prised that she was selected.”

The President’s Ball court his­tor­i­cally high­lights members of the senior class who excel in all areas of Hillsdale life.

“It’s an honor,” Mabry said. “It’s a reflection of four years of hard work and ded­i­cation to the values that Hillsdale tries to instill in you. It’s a reflection that you’ve taken your edu­cation, your moral edu­cation and your aca­demic edu­cation, seriously.”

For two stu­dents who have ded­i­cated their time at Hillsdale to the pursuit of all things good, Lupini said, it is truly an honor.

“They do not only what is required of them, but put the extra time into every aspect of their endeavors on and off campus,” Meyet said. “They have fos­tered strong rela­tion­ships with fellow stu­dents, faculty, and staff. They have shown them­selves to be true members of a college as well as involved cit­izens in the com­munity of Hillsdale – diligent, trust­worthy, and honorable.”