The Hillsdale City Council dis­cussed new city events this past week. Collegian

Few braved Monday night’s snow­storm to attend Hillsdale’s city council meeting. As many res­i­dents and coun­cilmembers attended vir­tually, the short meeting focused on upcoming city events.

County Com­mis­sioner Doug Ingles reported that the Farmers Market at the cour­t­house has been approved to return this upcoming May through October. Vendor appli­ca­tions are available on the county website. He also announced that the probate cour­t­house remodels will be com­pleted in the next two to three weeks.

In addition, Ingles declared that a blinking light will be installed at the inter­section of Bakers Road and M49. 

The city com­mis­sioner also revealed that Lewis Emory Park is now taking summer rental reser­va­tions for its com­munity center and outdoor pavilion. Ingles next reported that Michigan’s approval of the Sup­ple­mental Nutrition Assis­tance Program will be extended through Feb. 2021. 

According to Ingles, House­holds eli­gible for food assis­tance program ben­efits will receive these addi­tional ben­efits, which are available at the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. 

The council also dis­cussed the lan­guage that will be on the upcoming street improvement millage ballot.

Before the con­clusion of the meeting, City Manager David Mackie reminded Hillsdale res­i­dents that cars must be removed from the street when there are four or more inches of snow on the ground. It is both an incon­ve­nience to the car owner who will be plowed in and a safety hazard to snowplow truck drivers, Mackie said.