Police inves­tigate stabbing that led to three arrests. Courtesy | Facebook

Fol­lowing a stabbing in downtown Hillsdale on Sat­urday, Jan. 16, three sus­pects were charged and are being held without bond.

Hillsdale City Police Chief Scott Hephner announced Tuesday in a press release that 22-year-old Brent Jacob Risner of Jonesville, 20-year-old Brock Ian Adams of Pittsford, and 20-year-old Maya Leigh Van­Buskirk were charged with first-degree home invasion. The three were charged on Jan. 16. 

Risner was also charged with assault with intent to murder and Adams with assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder. Both could face life in prison if found guilty, according to Hillsdale Daily News. 

Van­Buskir was also arraigned on one count of pos­session of metham­phet­amine. She is held on a $75,000 bail and must pay 10% to be released.

According to the Hillsdale City Police press report, the trio broke into 19-year-old Matthew Shankster’s apartment on South Howell Street on Jan. 16. Upon entry, they beat Shankster and Risner stabbed him twice — once in the neck. 

First responders were called regarding an in-progress breaking and entering and, on arrival, found Shankster on the deck while another was on the phone calling for help. Later that day, the alleged assaulters were arrested. 

“We, to our knowledge, have everybody in costume that was involved,” Hephner said. “We do not have any infor­mation about anybody else.”

Shankster was taken to the hos­pital in stable con­dition, according to Hephner.

The motive of the crime will be revealed at a later court date, but it is clear the crime was pre­med­i­tated, Hephner said.

“This was not a public threat. This was tar­geted. And they all knew each other. This was not random,” Hephner said. “It’s not a public threat, public hazard, or public safety issue. It was def­i­nitely tar­geted for these people.”