Kalli Dal­rymple cur­rently serves as Pho­tog­rapher for the Hillsdale Col­legian Courtesy | Kalli Dalrymple

Sophomore Kalli Dal­rymple is a vol­unteer fire­fighter, a 15-year piano player, speaks fluent Spanish, and the Col­legian photographer.

Although Dal­rymple now takes photos for every section of The Col­legian, she only just began her pho­tog­raphy journey in high school.

“I bought a camera before I grad­uated high school, and just kind of taught myself from there,” Dal­rymple said.

Her inspi­ration began through her adven­tures outside when she decided that she wanted to be able to capture moments in nature.

“I grew up in a very out­doorsy family,” Dal­rymple said. “We all were always involved in camping, hiking, whatever it might be. I def­i­nitely wanted some­thing to take more nature photos with and my iPhone had a crappy camera.”

Though she doesn’t plan to pursue pho­tog­raphy pro­fes­sionally, Dal­rymple will always keep the skill in her back pocket. She said that her time working oppor­tunity to work with The Col­legian has helped her improve in dif­ferent areas of pho­tog­raphy and editing.

“I thought it was a really good oppor­tunity to expand my horizons on campus, and then some­thing to force me to develop abil­ities a little bit more,” Dal­rymple said. “Just through using new software and taking the types of photos that they want, it’s great being able to adapt to those things.”

For new pho­tog­ra­phers, Dal­rymple rec­om­mends not spending too much money on brand new equipment but instead looking into refur­bished equipment.

“There’s so many resources that you can find online so you don’t have to pay or invest a ton of time in a bunch of new equipment or online classes,” Dal­rymple said. “There’s a lot you can do with a little bit.”