Wayne Babcock, house and cook for ATO, will be the manager of Sharon’s House of Pan­cakes. Courtesy | Wayne Babcock

The Market House Super­market will add a new attraction to its assortment: breakfast food, which will be served in a new dine-in restaurant area called Sharon’s House of Pan­cakes.

Brett Boyd, the owner of Market House Super­market, which is part of The Hometown Hotspot complex, said the idea of adding a breakfast restaurant to Market House has been kicked around for a while. 

“We had the oppor­tunity to talk ideas with Wayne Babcock and do some­thing with Wayne that he’s wanted to do for quite some time,” Boyd said. “It’s an oppor­tunity to take Market House to the next level.”

Babcock, former owner of Olivia’s Chop House and Saucy Dogs BBQ in Jonesville as well as house director and cook at the Alpha Tau Omega fra­ternity house, will manage the pancake house.

“Everyone enjoys breakfast, everyone eats breakfast,” Babcock said. “It’s a comfort food.”

Sharon’s House of Pan­cakes will add to the current food court available in Market House, which includes Krispy Krunchy Chicken and Blimpies. However, the breakfast place will include a dining area dis­tinct from the grocery store. 

“You probably won’t believe it, but once we are done it will blow your mind,” Babcock said. “It will look like a restaurant. You have to walk through part of the grocery store or the food court area to get to it, but once you get seated you will not know you are in a grocery store.” 

Due to coro­n­avirus restric­tions and the ever-changing guide­lines for restau­rants, Boyd said he is pre­pared to adjust in order to comply with any restric­tions, but hopes to open Sharon’s in January. 

“We’ll really focus on doing business within the realm of the restric­tions. If they still are in place in January, obvi­ously our strategies will abide with those,” he said. “Our cus­tomers con­tinue to change and obvi­ously with the pan­demic this year, we con­tinue to change our business models to best serve our cus­tomers. We con­tinue to take steps forward every day.”

According to Babcock, Sharon’s will increase the amount of traffic in the store during morning hours. 

“The number one thing is cus­tomer flow, cus­tomer awareness, and the new purpose of the place is to bring people in to Market House,” he said. 

Boyd said has known Babcock since they were teenagers, and that Babcock’s expe­rience makes him perfect for a shared project like this. 

“Wayne is a family friend, we went to Hillsdale High School together,” Boyd said. “Wayne has made a name for himself as a restaurant entre­preneur. He’s a young man who has an incredible rep­u­tation for quality food and quality rep­re­sen­tation.” 

Babcock has been part of the project since it began and will oversee the kitchen. His role will also include cul­ti­vating the visual appeal of the food. 

“The breakfast is going to be phe­nomenal,” Babcock said. “The pan­cakes are going to be over-the-top with the top­pings and the flavor and the profile.” 

The restaurant will focus on pan­cakes but will also serve other tra­di­tional breakfast food. 

“We’ll have the classics — bis­cuits and gravy and eggs and bacon,” Babcock said. “But the focus will be the pan­cakes. That will be our niche. We’ll be known for our pan­cakes.” 

Senior and ATO pres­ident Micah Perry said Babcock’s cooking is “always fan­tastic.”

“He knows how to make just about any­thing and how to make it well,” Perry said. “I’ve never had a bad meal made by him. He can make tra­di­tional favorites well but also has the ability to create and introduce new flavors and pairings. All of ATO loves him and his cooking. I’m con­fident the new restaurant will be a huge success.” 

The dining expe­rience will be com­pa­rable to that of Panera Bread, com­bining fast food with tra­di­tional dining options and seating.

“By the time you’ve had a couple sips of your bev­erage, the food is coming out,” he said. 

Boyd said the restaurant will need about 12 to 15 new employees.

According to Babcock, the restaurant will bring in lots of Hills­dalians who are willing to pay for high quality pan­cakes. 

“Once they get a taste of our food and our quality, there’s going to be a hundred people in here waiting to get their breakfast,” he said.