Bert and Ernie from It’s a Won­derful Life. | Wiki­media Commons

Like George Bailey learns in the Christmas classic “It’s a Won­derful Life,” the absence of one indi­vidual can have a large impact on the com­munity. This is espe­cially true on a small, close-knit campus like Hillsdale’s.

For those cur­rently in quar­antine — you are not alone in your lone­liness. There is an emptiness on campus. The lack of people makes it quieter, but it’s not just that. Even though a majority of stu­dents are still out and about, not cur­rently in some form of iso­lation, there is a noticeable dif­ference in campus culture. 

Not only does the absence of class­mates or someone in your friend group alter the dynamic of those set­tings, but we even notice the absence of those we habit­ually pass on our way to class. Seeing them had become part of our routine. Now, their tem­porary dis­ap­pearance makes us wonder who will vanish next. 

But don’t let the fear of being alone in quar­antine make you pre­emp­tively isolate yourself. Human beings need other human inter­action to build them up, and they need it even more so in times of uncer­tainty. Take time to be with your friends. Make sure to call the ones in quar­antine. Man cannot live in a bubble, espe­cially not at Hillsdale. 

And to those cur­rently in iso­lation: stay strong. We miss you.