The Sal­vation Army helps fam­ilies with pre­reg­is­tration and appli­ca­tions for receiving toys from Hillsdale County’s Toys for Tots Cam­paign. Julia Mullins | Collegian

A new donation box at A.J.’s Cafe means stu­dents can embrace a spirit of giving by donating their spare change to the Sal­vation Army. 

According to Regional Support Manager Kecia Tatman, Sal­vation Army, a charity chosen through the GOAL vol­unteer program, will con­tinue to receive dona­tions until Christmas break. In October, the Greater Hillsdale Humane Society received any dona­tions left in the box. 

“People need help,” Tatman said. “Everyone needs a little support some­where. The stu­dents here are so gen­erous with the fact that they don’t mind donating their change. It was some­thing I saw with the stu­dents that inspired me to give them the oppor­tunity to put their change some­where, because every little bit helps.”

After Tatman and Michaela Frohnen, A.J.’s student super­visor, talked about setting up a place for stu­dents to leave their spare change, they part­nered with GOAL program leaders to put their idea into action.

Tatman said they do not have a goal amount, and simply want stu­dents and faculty to give what they are able to give. 

“We’re not sup­posed to take tips,” Fro­henen said. “We were thinking that it would be a cool thing to take money and give it to dif­ferent orga­ni­za­tions within the community.”

The Sal­vation Army was chosen because of its con­nection to the upcoming Christmas season. Over $50 has been raised for it this month. 

 “There’s a lot of people in the com­munity who don’t have the Christmas presents that everybody gets,” Fro­henen said. “Growing up, I knew a lot of those people per­sonally, so I thought it was a really important thing. We were thinking it would be a nice way for us to extend a hand for the holiday spirit.”

 Tatman said Bon Appetit sup­ports and partners with dif­ferent char­i­table orga­ni­za­tions across the country.

 “We’re happy to be able to help as Bon Appetit and A.J.’s Cafe,” Tatman said. “We’re happy to lend a hand and help however we can.”

The donation box system will con­tinue into the spring semester, and a new charity will be chosen in January.

“Hillsdale itself, the college and the stu­dents, are very gen­erous, very giving,” Tatman said. “It shows in the change they leave, and in the way they act.”