Stu­dents will still be able to enjoy SAB’s thanks­giving dinner. Courtesy | Col­legian

While it might look a little dif­ferent this year, Hillsdale’s Student Activ­ities Board is still hosting its annual Thanks­giving Dinner tonight from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. in the Knorr Family Dining Hall. 

Tra­di­tionally, SAB hosts this formal event in the Searle Center, but this year due to various COVID-19 restric­tions, the team has chosen to have the event in the dining hall, pro­vided by Bon Appetit. 

“In years past it’s been its own event and a pretty big deal, but this year with all the restric­tions on events and food service, we decided to keep it in the cafe­teria in the student union,” SAB leader Zane Mabry said. “It’ll be a nicer meal than normal, but not as quite a full scale event.” 

Small events coor­di­nator and senior Claire Lupini said this will be the best way to serve the most amount of people in a safe way. 

“We still want to have the integrity of a Thanks­giving meal,” Lupini said. “We are going to dec­orate the dining hall and have cen­ter­pieces so it will still look like Thanks­giving.”

Stu­dents will still have to follow the Bon Appetit dining pro­tocols that include wearing a mask until seated and only allowing one person per table.

“Unfor­tu­nately because Bon Appetit is a national company and they do need to follow the restric­tions that were put out by the gov­ernor, that means only one person per table right now,” Lupini said. “Whether or not that con­tinues during the dinner, we’re still hoping everyone can enjoy the dinner.” 

The annual Day of Thanks event will still be taking place as well all day in the Student Union. Today from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. stu­dents can stop by to pick up a thank you card to send to donors, friends, pro­fessors, family, or anyone else they wish to thank. 

“We encourage mask wearing and spacing, and we’d prefer not to have giant crows, but there are not other spe­cific changes or restric­tions to the event,” Mabry said. “We’re still encour­aging everyone who can to come and write a thank you card.” 

For stu­dents who are in quar­antine, thank you cards will still be available in the SAB office to pick up after today’s event.

Mabry said it’s been dif­ficult for him and his team to make plans and host events this semester, but he’s still happy with how they’ve been able to work together. Over the last couple of weeks, as much as half of the team has been in quar­antine at the same time. 

“It’s been tough of course, but those in quar­antine have still been able to help a lot,” he said. “We’ve still had good com­mu­ni­cation and we’ve been able to get a lot done.” 

Lupini, who is in quar­antine cur­rently, said she is still able to help with the planning, just in dif­ferent ways.

“I know for myself it’s been an inter­esting chal­lenge to work through being at home and doing as much as I can vir­tually,” she said. “People drop things off for me to clean and then they take it back up the hill.” 

Despite all of these changes and restric­tions, Lupini said she hopes the dinner, which will still have “all the works,” will be enjoyable for everyone.