The Hillcats, Hillsdale’s jazz ensemble com­posed of several jazz faculty members, will perform this Friday, Nov. 6, at 8 p.m. in Plaster Audi­torium. Admission is free, and no tickets are required. 

The concert, called Pure Imag­i­nation, will feature a variety of jazz music. The ensemble will high­light five of Hillsdale’s eight jazz faculty members, with Lori Lefevre as vocalist, Chris McCourry on the trumpet, Dan Palmer on the guitar, Hank Horton on the bass, and Larry Ochiltree on the drums. 

 “The concert will include dif­ferent tunes like Stevie Wonder tunes, some stuff from the ’80s, as well as some stan­dards like Duke Ellignton,” Chris McCourry, the ensemble’s director, said. “We’re also doing a ‘Walk On By’ tune, a ‘Tower of Power’ tune, and a tune called ‘What is Hip.’”

McCourry said he is delighted to have Lefevre,  Hillsdale’s jazz voice instructor, as vocalist. Lefevre is thankful for the oppor­tunity to perform, and espe­cially looks forward to singing the old jazz standard “In a Mellow Tone.”

“It’s always fun to perform for the stu­dents because, in the teaching capacity, they don’t really know you as a per­former,” Lefevre said. “I think it’s important for all of us in the jazz department to perform so that the stu­dents can see the things that we’ve been talking about in action.”

McCourry said the ensemble is heeding COVID-19 pre­cau­tions by requiring masks, blocking off the front stage area, and encour­aging people to spread out and use the bal­conies. He said he’s very grateful he can still hold con­certs, whereas most other musi­cians he knows have been forced to cancel their tours. 

“I really am lucky that I can put on con­certs, and it takes my mind off every­thing else,” said McCourry.