Whether you’re new on campus, or you’ve lived in Hillsdale for decades, it’s not hard to notice the col­lection of coffee shops that are sprinkled throughout town

Here are five unique fall drinks that will satisfy your autumnal coffee – or tea – craving.

  1. But­ter­scotch Latte from Biggby Coffee
Big­gby’s But­ter­scotch Latte is a drive-favorite. | Hannah Cote

Ranked number 5 on the list is the but­ter­scotch iced latte from Biggby Coffee. For a fla­vorful dairy-free twist on the drink, order the latte with oat milk, which per­fectly com­ple­ments the but­ter­scotch fla­voring. Either way, this cold drink is ideal for sunny autumn days, so grab it while you can before Michigan turns gray!

  1. Hazelnut French Soda from Penny’s
Penny’s Hazelnut French Soda aids a European flair to the fall. | Hannah Cote

Up next is the hazelnut French soda from Penny’s. The drink’s ice, sparkling water, half-and-half, and hazelnut syrup makes for a sweet and nutty treat. The French soda also comes in mul­tiple flavors, so you can try a dif­ferent drink every time you visit Penny’s. 

  1. Salted Caramel Mocha from Checker Records
Checker Records’ Salted Caramel Mocha blends sea salt and espresso. | Hannah Cote

Although we’re getting closer to a pumpkin spiced latte-esque drink, the salted caramel mocha from Checker Records is far from basic. The rich chocolate is swirled with sea salt caramel, and the addition of an extra espresso shot is a great  balance to the sweetness.

  1. S’mores Frap­puccino from Jilly Beans
Jilly Beans’ S’mores Frap­puccino will bring you back to your favorite bonfire mem­ories. | Hannah Cote

A Frap­puccino? Really? The answer is ‘yes!’ because Jilly Beans’ s’mores Frap­puccino com­bines chocolate, marsh­mallow, and graham crackers effort­lessly into one frozen drink. The added whipped cream and chocolate drizzle brings back fall bonfire mem­ories. 

  1. Chai from Rough Draft
Rough Draft’s Chai Latte uses a special homemade recipe. | Hannah Cote

Our final fall drink is Rough Drafts’ chai latte. Now before you com­plain about the drink’s uno­rig­i­nality, this chai is ranked number 1 because of its flavor and ver­sa­tility. Rough Draft doesn’t just drop a chai tea bag in your latte, but instead uses their own homemade recipe. They offer a variety of chai, including a hot chai latte, a dirty chai, or an iced chai.

As the weather cools and winter approaches, it is the perfect time to grab your flannels, friends and cable-knit sweaters and head out for a Hillsdale fall coffee crawl.