The Student Fed­er­ation is pre­pared to help fund Hillsdale College clubs.

The Student Fed­er­ation has $26,000 available this year to give to clubs and orga­ni­za­tions — all clubs need to do is submit a pro­posal. 

The process of claiming funds begins when a member of a club con­tacts the Student Fed trea­surer by email to obtain a spending pro­posal form. After the initial pro­posal is sub­mitted, a club rep­re­sen­tative meets with the Student Fed finance com­mittee to refine and specify their request before it moves to a vote by the entire Fed­er­ation. 

“If the pro­posal receives the rec­om­men­dation of the Finance Com­mittee, which almost every pro­posal does, then the applying club has an oppor­tunity to present before the student Fed­er­ation,” said junior Brandt Siegfried, an inde­pendent rep­re­sen­tative who has served on both the finance and club over­sight com­mittees during his three years on the fed­er­ation. “And then if the club’s answers and the pro­posal seem sat­is­factory, the fed­er­ation will approve it.”

Siegfried said that the best pro­posals are the ones with itemized esti­mates backed by research and sup­ple­mented with fundraising from the club. The fed­er­ation money fills in the gaps in the club’s fundraising. Pro­posals that need the most work aren’t as trans­parent in what the club needs funding for. 

Fed­er­ation trea­surer senior Austin Mock, who chairs the finance com­mittee, laid out three things clubs should do when asking for money.

“First, demon­strate that they’ve explored alternate fundraising options; second, stay in close com­mu­ni­cation with the trea­surer and the pres­ident during the process; and third, practice and deliver an informed and pol­ished pre­sen­tation,” Mock said. “Assuming they aren’t asking for an inor­dinate amount of money, clubs who do those three things will gen­erally be suc­cessful with both the finance com­mittee and the Fed at large.”

Addi­tionally, those pre­senting a pro­posal should be open to changes. 

“The number one thing that will stop your pro­posal from passing is if it is pre­pared hastily without thought,” Siegfried said. “You have to be very willing to work with the finance com­mittee to make it work. The feedback from the finance com­mittee is to make the pro­posal as strong as pos­sible before going before the full Fed­er­ation. The finance com­mittee is not a barrier to funding pro­posals.”

Ulti­mately, the Fed­er­ation exists to help student groups, not hinder them.

“We’re always eager to see new student orga­ni­za­tions popping up on campus, and we want to use the money that comes from student fees to serve campus better,” said Pres­ident Sean Collins. “The Fed is pos­i­tively dis­posed to giving money, as long as we know why the money is needed and what it will be used for.”