Senior Madeline Peltzer grew up attending Hillsdale College events with her family in Arizona, and she began to con­sider attending the far-off college when she reached high school. 

Even though Peltzer did not decide on where she was attending college until May of her senior year, she knew that Hillsdale College would be a good fit based on her interest in pol­itics and hopes of ending up in Wash­ington, D.C.

Madeline Peltzer is a senior studying pol­itics and jour­nalism (Hillsdale Collegian)

Before entering as a student, Peltzer assumed that Hillsdale could be “a boot camp for future pres­i­dents.” She antic­i­pated sitting around the dining hall tables dis­cussing all things pol­itics 24/7. But when she arrived in Michigan, she encoun­tered some­thing very different. 

“In hind­sight I’m really glad that we don’t,” Peltzer said. “That would have been exhausting, and it would have been a very narrow view of life.” 

Peltzer said that one of her favorite aspects of Hillsdale is the ability for stu­dents to talk about a wide variety of dis­ci­plines with genuine interest. She loves that stu­dents from all majors love the country and care about current events. 

“You go to a lecture on reli­gious liberty and you find a bunch of science majors and eco­nomics majors there because they care, and they think it’s inter­esting,” Peltzer said. “I think that speaks to the richness of a Hillsdale edu­cation and the liberal arts. People see con­nec­tions, and they see a need to be involved.” 

While Peltzer knew she wanted to study pol­itics during her time at Hillsdale, she never antic­i­pated par­tic­i­pating in the jour­nalism program. She became involved with the Col­legian her sophomore year as a reporter and cur­rently serves as the News editor for the paper.

“I love that jour­nalism gives you a platform to share other peo­ple’s stories,” Peltzer said. “We have a bit of a mega­phone in some ways, not just for the Col­legian but for places that I free­lance for as well.” 

As News editor, Peltzer said she’s learned to manage numerous tasks at once in addition to being a full-time student. 

“It’s been a crash course in people man­agement, time man­agement, making sure that sources are getting back to people, putting out fires, fielding ques­tions, han­dling people who are not pleased with how their story turned out, learning graphic design, writing my own stories on top of it,” she said. “There’s so many plates to spin.” 

During her time at Hillsdale, Peltzer said she loved the oppor­tunity to go on the Wash­ington-Hillsdale Internship Program in the spring of her junior year. While there, Peltzer interned for the Office of Policy Coor­di­nation in the White House. 

Although her time in Wash­ington, D.C. was cut short due to COVID-19, Peltzer said she hopes to return to D.C. after grad­u­ating in the spring of 2021. She added that jour­nalism has opened up doors for her that she never knew existed and could see herself working in several dif­ferent fields. 

With the skills she’s developed at the Col­legian, Peltzer said she’s inter­ested in pur­suing a career in jour­nalism, advocacy, speech writing, policy analysis, or communications. 

“I think a lot of it will hinge on Nov. 3,” Peltzer said. “I’d love to go back to the admin­is­tration, but I don’t know if that’ll be an option or not.”

Regardless of where she ends up, Peltzer said she’s con­fident that Hillsdale College has pre­pared her to succeed for whatever comes next. 

“Hillsdale is hard, because there’s so much that we do here, and the people that it attracts are so ambi­tious,” Peltzer said. “I’m very excited, and I feel pre­pared in a way that I wouldn’t nec­es­sarily have had it not been for Hillsdale.”