Empty refrig­er­ators sit in the top floor of Kendall for the “Grab and Go” snack bar. Breana Noble | Courtesy

The Kendall Grab-and-Go closed during prime lunch times several days this past week due to Bon Appetit staff shortages. 

“Unfor­tu­nately we had a number of staff members who could not make it to work on those days and we were unable to flex with our existing staff to provide ade­quate cov­erage,” said Bon Appetit General Manager David Apthorpe. 

Apthorpe said such shortages are occurring at Bon Appetit loca­tions around the country. They are looking to hire more employees in all job sites, social plat­forms, and tem­porary services. 

Senior Henry Eising hoped to grab a sandwich at 12:30 p.m. before back-to-back exams, and was “thor­oughly dis­ap­pointed” that he had to relocate all the way to the Lane Grab-and-Go for his meal. 

Senior Harvey Peters expe­ri­enced a similar struggle. 

“There was a time crunch, and I was mildly dis­ap­pointed,” he said.

Freshmen Claire Hipkins and Vivian Tork described the closure as “incon­ve­nient” and “a major tragedy.” 

Apthorpe reas­sured hungry Hills­dalians that a restoration of Grab-and-Go reli­a­bility is not far away. 

“We’re hearing similar chal­lenges across the industry. We are actively trying to attract more staff to provide all of the ser­vices that are required.”