SAB will host their first drive-in Friday. Courtesy | Col­legian

The Student Activ­ities Board will welcome stu­dents to a new event this Friday: a drive-in movie night. The evening will begin at 8 p.m. in the Roche Sports Complex parking lot.

“Think truck beds, popcorn, and a spooky movie,” said Small Events Coor­di­nator Claire Lupini, a senior.  

Viewers can choose to watch from their cars or sit out in lawn chairs. A short cartoon reel will play at 8 p.m. before the movie “Hocus Pocus” begins at 8:30 p.m. 

According to Lupini, the reel will have many classic car­toons, such as “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown,” and modern songs like “Monster Mash.” There will be many spaces in the parking lot for stu­dents to park their cars as well as room for those without cars to sit and watch. SAB will provide classic con­ces­sions such as candy, chips, and soda.

“Stu­dents should bring a good group of friends, a blanket in case it’s chilly, and an appetite for snacks,” Lupini said. 

SAB was inspired to put on the event fol­lowing the recent resur­gence in pop­u­larity of the classic drive-in movie. The team hopes the event will offer stu­dents a COVID-19-friendly way to enjoy time with each other.

“After COVID-19 hit, drive-ins became popular because they’re a safe and fun way to enjoy time with friends and be enter­tained,” Lupini said.

Both Lupini and Zane Mabry, director of student activ­ities, said campus could see more drive-in events if Friday is a success. While this weekend’s event is Hal­loween-ori­ented, Mabry said there’s a potential to have more holiday-ori­ented spe­cials later in the year.

“If this one goes well and people enjoy it, then we can def­i­nitely bring it back.” Mabry said.

Mabry encourages stu­dents to stop by for a break from homework and to get into the spirit of Hal­loween.

“It’s going to be a fun movie and a unique event, and it’s some­thing we don’t really have a lot of access to here,” Mabry said, noting that Hillsdale doesn’t have a drive-in theatre.

Lupini con­curred. 

“It’ll be dif­ferent than any­thing stu­dents can expe­rience in Hillsdale,” she said. “Seize this oppor­tunity.”