Hillsdale has con­firmed mul­tiple pos­itive cases of COVID-19. Carmel Kookogey | Collegian

Hillsdale College reported four active cases of COVID-19 Wednesday morning, with one student in iso­lation awaiting test results. Twenty-five indi­viduals are in contact iso­lation after close contact with a person who tested pos­itive, the college reported in the faculty and staff newsletter on Wednesday. 

Out of the 235 stu­dents who have been tested this semester, 208 tested neg­ative and 27 tested pos­itive. Twenty-three pos­itive cases are resolved.

According to mlive, Hillsdale County averages a rate of 17.54 daily cases. On Oct. 14, Hillsdale Com­munity Schools Super­in­tendent Shawn Vondra announced that Davis Middle School would tran­sition to online learning, after mul­tiple pos­itive test results within the school com­munity. The middle school plans to stay online until Oct. 28. Hillsdale Academy and Will Car­leton Academy are still holding in-person school, as of Wednesday.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Ser­vices reported Monday that in recent weeks, high schools have seen a rise in out­breaks of COVID-19. According to the data, Michigan col­leges have seen less out­breaks than high schools in the last week, but col­leges like the Uni­versity of Michigan are taking extra precautions. 

On Oct. 20, the Washtenaw County Health Department ordered 31,000 under­grad­uates at the Uni­versity of Michigan to stay in their rooms except for food, work, exercise, medical appoint­ments, or in-person classes, until the morning of Nov. 3. The order does not include graduate stu­dents and it exempts athletes.

Director of Health and Wellness Brock Lutz said the rel­a­tively low number of pos­itive cases at Hillsdale College seems promising.

“The com­munity of Hillsdale still remains fairly low in pos­itive cases,” Lutz said. “As long as everyone remains diligent regarding spatial dis­tancing and wearing masks in close quarters, we are hopeful our cases can remain low.”

  Health Care Liason Stephanie Gravel said stu­dents should still do their part to hold them­selves accountable whenever they feel ill.

“If someone is not feeling well I encourage them to call health ser­vices or the on-call nurse,” Gravel said. “Stu­dents have said some­times they have not been able to get a hold of the on-call nurse, but I encourage them to call again. If they don’t answer it is because they are talking to another student.”

While the low number of pos­itive cases after fall break sug­gests no new out­breaks at the college so far, Gravel said the school isn’t relaxing protocol. 

“We are ready and able to handle an out­break if nec­essary,” Gravel said.