So you’re *finally* back on campus, or on campus as a student for the first time, and you want to rec­ognize the occasion with some fun pic­tures with your friends. 

Alter­na­tively, you want to do a cool, themed pho­to­shoot. You know, the ones everyone did this spring while stuck in quarantine? 

Either way, you’ll probably post the photos on Instagram later, so you need them to be high-quality. Which means you need a great location. But where in Hillsdale do you go? Pic­tures in front of Central Hall are nice, but way over-used and almost cliché. What are some other locations? 

Well, there are actually a lot of great places for photo-opts around campus and in the town of Hillsdale. The fol­lowing list doesn’t cover them all, but should help you get started.

1.In front of the chapel. 

Sure, in only a year of exis­tence, this spot has already been used a lot. But that’s because it’s such a beau­tiful location and great for taking pic­tures — whether you’re by the fountain, in the portico, or some­where in between. This will probably become the new best place to take major-dec­la­ration photos.


2. The streets of downtown Hillsdale in the snow.

Taylor Dick­erson ’21 poses downtown for an aes­thetic winter shot. | Taylor Dickerson

Picture this: small town shops, snow covered streets, maybe even Christmas dec­o­ra­tions if it’s the season… You’re basi­cally now on the set of It’s A Won­derful Life. Or a Hallmark movie. 


3. The green­house in Stro­sacker Hall.

Mattie Schmidt ’22 shows off her plants as she poses in the Green­house. | Mattie Schmidt

The veg­e­tation and lighting here make for some eye-catching, col­orful photos. If you want more hippie vibes espe­cially, this is a godo spot that can be used year-round. It’s also nice and private.

4. The flower mural in Downtown Hillsdale (next to Coney’s and Swirls)

Yes, even in Hillsdale, you can capture those bright mural shots like you do in big cities. While there are mul­tiple murals around Hillsdale, this one is par­tic­u­larly good for photos because you can even get ice cream from Coney’s and Swirls next door to com­plete the fun, col­orful look.


5. The campus tennis courts.

For those of you wanting to do a fun pho­to­shoot that has a retro, album artwork-type vibe, the tennis courts are your place. Espe­cially during the day when you can play with shadows. Just make sure nobody needs to use them for practice.


6. Meckley’s Flavor Fruit Farm.

Alexa Tipton ’18, Sarah DeLapp ”19 and Callie Shinkle ’21 take a pho­to­shoot in front of the corn­stalks at Meck­ley’s Fruit Farm. | Callie Shinkle

This one is another good spot for sea­sonal photos — whether that’s late spring when every­thing starts blooming again, or in the fall when you want to take rustic photos in an apple orchard.


7. The East Lawn during the fall.

Speaking of fall, the ultimate spot for col­orful leaf photos is under the many trees on the East Lawn. Take a break after dinner one day to capture some mem­ories with friends under the col­orful trees that are an iconic part of campus.


8. At home football games.

Katie Hall ’21 and Claire Froman ’21 show their Charger spirit with their favorite Charger after a home football game. | Claire Forman

This unfor­tu­nately won’t be applicable until at least the spring, but next time you go to a football game, be sure to take some photos with friends in the bleachers, or head onto the field after the game for some pitc­tures. Nothing beats Charger pride!


9. Baw Beese at golden hour.

Baw Beese pro­vides sunset views that are perfect for your Instagram Story. | Callie Shinkle

Between the water, foliage, and sunset lighting, Baw Beese makes for a great photo on any occasion. Plus, it’s just an overall great place to spend some time with friends, so take advantage of it while it’s still warm!


10. Penny’s coffee shop.

For the fall and winter months espe­cially, Penny’s makes for some classy, cozy photos. The lighting is good and there are several dif­ferent seating areas that make for cute coffee and study date photos. Plus, if you’re holding a coffee in your hand, you don’t have that eter­nally awkward problem of won­dering what to do with your arms in pictures.

So there you have it, ten of the best places to take photos on campus. Now go out and take some great photos with your friends — and tag us @hdalecollegian when you do!