Sandy Beach, near the Baw Beese Trail, in all its fall glory. Calli Townsend | Col­legian

Fall is the epitome of a college campus aes­thetic: Stu­dents walk around in hoodies boasting their school’s name, trees vibrant with changing leaves line the side­walks, and the weather is suitable for most outdoor activ­ities. 

We’re for­tunate enough to enjoy such a beau­tiful season in Michigan, but our great state is also known for scaling the entire weather spectrum in just a span of 48 hours, and before we know it, winter arrives. 

Before getting too caught up in your first exams, enjoy these next few weeks. They’re quite pos­sibly the fastest of the year. The leaves fall quickly, the sun sets sooner, the nights get colder, and, soon enough, you’re already studying for midterms. 

Soak up the last bit of summer’s sun and embrace the coziness that late Sep­tember and October bring. Wear a flannel and carve a pumpkin. Pick apples at Meckley’s Flavor Fruit Farm or buy cider from Glei’s Orchards and Green­houses. Visit the Hillsdale County farmers’ market. Go to a bonfire and eat a s’more.

We’ll all be stuck in the library studying and staring at the snow and ice piling up outside soon enough. Enjoy the Michigan out­doors while you can. Fall is fleeting.