Stu­dents attend the Student Activ­ities Board’s Hayden Park Hangout | Facebook

The Class of 2020 didn’t get to finish its senior year on Hillsdale’s campus, but at many uni­ver­sities, the classes of 2021 – 2024 have it even worse. College stu­dents across the nation are facing a whole semester, perhaps even a year, of remote learning. Here, however, the part­nership of college is thriving.

Hillsdale is used to being dif­ferent from the rest of the country, but in the world of coro­n­avirus, the blessings of our liberty may be greater than ever. We already receive an excep­tional edu­cation. We have the priv­ilege of studying books and authors that many of our gen­er­ation haven’t even heard of. We learn the things that enrich our souls and teach us how to be fully human. The fact that we are con­tinuing to learn in person this fall only ele­vates these dif­fer­ences.

The shortness of last semester taught us an important lesson. Nothing — not even Hillsdale College — is invin­cible. We don’t know what’s in store in the coming months, and we can’t know. If there was an appro­priate con­tem­porary time for the old Latin adage carpe diem—seize the day — now is that moment. As we return to our classes and com­munity with com­par­a­tively mild new pro­tocols, we should come to the table of knowledge rejoicing.