Dear Editor,

Social justice is the phi­losophy and practice of dividing people into various demo­graphic cat­e­gories and then treating them unequally, giving unearned rewards to some and unearned pun­ish­ments to others. Social justice is thus extremely unjust.

In the American context, social justice con­sists mostly of pun­ishing Asian and white people, while ben­e­fiting a rel­a­tively small number of black leftists – and cer­tainly not ben­e­fiting those black people whose lives and liveli­hoods are dis­rupted by street crime and insur­rection, or those whose lives are under­mined by encour­aging them to be wards of the state. 

Christian Peck-Dimit argues that the National Bas­ketball Asso­ci­ation should hold its playoffs to advance its social justice mission (Col­legian, Sept. 3). Since the NBA has strongly endorsed the Chinese Com­munist Party’s total­i­tarian crackdown on the free people of Hong Kong, I suggest instead the NBA suspend oper­ation and be inves­ti­gated by federal pros­e­cutors for acting as an unreg­is­tered agent of a hostile foreign gov­ernment. That would be real justice.


Charles N. Steele


Charles Steele is an Asso­ciate Pro­fessor of Economics.