Bree Potter and senior Inter­Varsity Fel­lowship USA staff member Denny Brogan talk at the beginning of Tues­day’s Ath­letes Inter­Varsity meeting. Evan Carter | Col­legian

Inter­Varsity Christian Fel­lowship is reigniting its fine arts min­istry in an effort to reach arts stu­dents with new outlets for prayer. 

The orga­ni­zation, which works to transform stu­dents and schools through campus min­istry, has been on and off with their fine arts spe­cific min­istry for the past eight years, but they’re bringing it back this semester with a new lead­ership team and schedule of events that will specif­i­cally serve the fine arts com­munity. 

“Arts min­istry and the whole fine arts building hasn’t had much sus­tained witness or min­istry really ever,” said Griffith Brown, Inter­Varsity team leader. “But InterVarsity’s vision as a whole is to see every corner of campus reached by Jesus.”

Junior Grace Bennett and senior Tyler Sechrist both approached Brown last year in hopes of reaching the cre­ative side of campus in the same way they reach the Greek com­munity or the ath­letic com­munity.

“Our ultimate vision is three-fold,” Bennett said. “First, it’s to share the good news of Jesus with people in the arts depart­ments. Second, to establish a com­munity of believers within the arts department. And third, to give a space where people can learn and have an oppor­tunity to use their gifts and talents.”

Bennett has been attending Inter­Varsity events since her freshman year. Until this semester, Bennett said her work in the fine arts department had been “very casual.” 

“I would inten­tionally build rela­tion­ships with people and try to be a light for Jesus in the arts department,” Bennett said. “But in very small, quiet ways.”

Now, Bennett is hard at work to bring the mission of Inter­Varsity to the fine arts. Although Bennett is an English major, she has a passion for the arts because of the “beauty and color” they bring to life, she said. 

“We, in the long term, are hoping to have dif­ferent events in all four of the dif­ferent arts — visual arts, dance, theatre, and music,” Bennett said. “This semester, we’ve got events scheduled in theatre, and dance.”

This November, the Tower Players group is per­forming “J.B.”, a modern slam poetry retelling of the book of Job. Bennett and Sechrist are planning to work in con­junction with the theatre department to host bib­li­cally-focused dis­cus­sions about “J.B.”, according to Sechrist. 

Stu­dents plan to lead cre­ative worship dance work­shops, and Bennett and Sechrist will lead a recitation of Matt Papa’s “Story of God.” Bennett also plans to pray with the cast half an hour before each show rehearsal.

“These work­shops are open to anyone, whether they’re dancers or not, and if you have dance skills you can bring those and use those too,” Bennett said. “Everybody who has the capacity of movement and motion can learn how to do that kind of worship.”

Ulti­mately, Sechrist said he wants to see “a people who are leaders and movers in the department who can use their gifts to bring glory to the Lord.” 

“I hope to see a people devoted to a public and honest love for Christ,” Sechrist said. 

No matter the event, however, Inter­Varsity aims to unite the Christian fine arts com­munity. 

“We want to create some sort of stable com­munity of people there who love Jesus that want to see all of that building come to know Jesus,” Brown said.