Hillsdale College Delp Hall | Wiki­media Commons

After 32 years of teaching at Hillsdale College, Asso­ciate Pro­fessor of History Lucy Moye has retired from the history department. 

Orig­i­nally hired as a medievalist, Moye taught the old Western Civ­i­lization to 1648 course, in addition to the Her­itage sequence. She also taught a variety of history courses ranging from Medieval England to Medieval Chris­tianity as well as  a now-dis­con­tinued course called “Society and Family in the Middle Age.” 

Since arriving at Hillsdale in 1996, Moye has seen the school and cur­riculum change and grow. 

“When I arrived, I was one of five his­to­rians. We each taught four courses every semester. The department has grown a lot since then!” Moye said in an email. “The campus has too. In 1988, the newest building was the Sports Complex. My office was in the newly-com­pleted basement of Kresge, which is more or less under the sidewalk that runs from the library entrance to Stro­sacker, and had no windows. When we moved to Delp, my new office was huge and had two windows — that was quite an upgrade.”

Watching the school grow is not the only change Moye has wit­nessed. Over her decades of teaching, Moye has influ­enced many, both as a pro­fessor and as the faculty advisor for the Catholic Society on campus.

After taking American Her­itage with Moye, sophomore Alex Mulet not only made the decision to be a history major but also to convert to Catholicsm. 

Coming into college, Mulet was agnostic, but after class with Moye, Mulet said her views changed com­pletely.

“It is not like she gave me any spe­cific con­sulting on Catholicism, it’s just truth speaks and she just let it be,” Mulet explained. “Espe­cially in office hours, you respond and she either shoots it down or says ‘yes exactly.’ And that’s how you know.”

Addi­tionally, junior Cooper Peterson said he felt his inter­ac­tions with Moye were ben­e­ficial while at Hillsdale. 

“Dr. Moye’s lec­tures were always engaging,” Peterson said. “She always made class extremely inter­esting.”

While she made clear that her time at Hillsdale College has been nothing short of won­derful, Moye will remain in Hillsdale County for the time being and said she is looking forward to retiring and spending her new free time trav­elling and doing genealogy. 

“I’m also looking forward to spending more time on animal rescue, a cause dear to my heart that I’ve been involved with for many years,” Moye added. “I hope I’ll be able to teach the odd seminar now and then, and I’d really like to sit in on some classes.”

Moye said she will miss the college and all she was a part of. 

“Working with so many dear col­leagues and stu­dents over the years has been a joy,” she said. “I par­tic­u­larly treasure the 22 years I spent as faculty adviser for Catholic Society, watching the group grow from a handful of stu­dents who could all meet around an 8‑foot table to the large and vibrant group it has become in recent years.”