Danae Sollie and Sofia Krusmark are planning the first Hillsdale Half Marathon. Courtesy | Sofia Krusmark

Hillsdale’s first half-marathon event will be hosted by Student Life and Outdoor Adven­tures Club on Nov. 14.

Hillsdale College seniors and best friends Sofia Krusmark and Danae Sollie are leading the charge in cre­ating and planning the event, which include 5K and 10K options. Stu­dents, faculty and their fam­ilies, and Hillsdale Academy fam­ilies are eli­gible to sign up. Already, more than 130 runners have registered. 

Krusmark said she was inspired to plan the half-marathon when she realized the dates of scheduled runs nearby were too early for her to prepare.

The half-marathon, rather than a full, gives par­tic­i­pants a real­istic amount of time to train. 

“This is my senior year, and I get to plan some­thing that I love so much for so many people to enjoy whether they’re runners or not,” Krusmark said. “The more people who get involved in this event, the better, because this is an oppor­tunity for people who do com­pletely dif­ferent things on campus to come together and enjoy some­thing that’s so common to people. And if you don’t come out and run, anyone can cheer.”

According to Sollie, the event is also the result of the coro­n­avirus pan­demic and the dis­ruption it caused. 

“A lot of people were planning on doing events that got can­celled because of COVID,” she said. “We wanted to do some­thing local so that we could still run and get people moti­vated with gyms being closed as well. We just thought, ‘what a good way to get people outside and running.’” 

The race will begin on the quad and the finish line will house pizza, hot drinks, live music, and beer pro­vided by one of the race’s sponsor, Hillsdale Brewing Company. Hillsdale College senior Asa Hoffman will lead the orga­ni­zation of student bands playing at the end of the race. 

Inter­ested par­tic­i­pants can sign-up using the Google form included in the Student Activ­ities and Outdoor Adven­tures Club newsletters. Reg­is­tration for the event ends Oct. 15 and includes a $14 entry fee that covers the cost of a T‑shirt. 

email [email protected] for addi­tional questions.