Hillsdale College has gained three new members to its Board of Trustees. Nolan Ryan | Collegian

The Hillsdale College Board of Trustees ini­tiated three new members, Kurt Grind­staff, Mark Hamlin, and Alice Hanley, on June 16. The new board members replaced William Atherton, Stephen Barney, and David Belew, all of whom moved to emeritus status. 

“These trustees were picked because of their com­mitment to the pillars of the college: faith, freedom, higher learning, sound learning, and the devel­opment of high moral char­acter,” Chief Admin­is­trative Officer Rich Péwé said. “They all have a steadfast com­mitment to inde­pen­dence, inde­pendent edu­cation, and the liberal arts cur­riculum, and we know that they in their lives were devoted to those things and want to con­tinue to do that.” 

Grind­staff is cur­rently the chief financial officer of Dbh Global, an insurance and bro­kerage agency, and serves as trea­surer for the board of directors of the South Car­olina Ports Authority. 

Grind­staff said he first heard about Hillsdale College in 2001 when he met the Brodbeck family. Since then, he has become an avid sup­porter. He and his wife donated the funds for the Abraham Lincoln statue on the campus Liberty Walk and “talk about Hillsdale with pretty much everyone we know,” Grind­staff said. 

Grind­staff added that he views his nom­i­nation to the Board of Trustees as a great oppor­tunity to get involved in Hillsdale’s leadership. 

“I feel quite honored that I was nom­i­nated and elected,” Grind­staff said, “and to the extent that we can reach more people and get Hillsdale’s message to the rest of the country, this is some­thing I want to do.” 

Hamlin began his career as a real estate lending officer after grad­u­ating from Colgate Uni­versity with a degree in eco­nomics and getting his master’s degree from Dart­mouth. He is now the pres­ident, CEO, and co-founder of a private equity firm called The Reserve Group. 

Hanley acquired a bach­e­lor’s degree in math­e­matics and eco­nomics from Skidmore College and is now pres­ident of Hanley Petroleum and HCR, a family owned holding company. 

Grind­staff, Hamlin, and Hanley attended their first board meeting June 16, and will con­tinue to serve on the general board for a year, after which they may elect to join spe­cific com­mittees and projects of interest. 

“These trustees support the kind of edu­cation we have been pro­ducing for 170 years,” Péwé said. “They all support those things and they fight for those things. They are people in their com­mu­nities who have stood up for things that are important to edu­cation in this country.”