Hillsdale College alumnus James Gen­sterblum ‘12 replaced Brad Monas­tiere as Hillsdale College’s new Director of Media Rela­tions for Ath­letics on Mar. 1. | Twitter

The Hillsdale Daily News’ former sports editor and Hillsdale College alumnus James Gen­sterblum ‘12 replaced Brad Monas­tiere as Hillsdale College’s new Director of Media Rela­tions for Ath­letics on Mar. 1.

As Monas­tiere steps down, the Hillsdale College Ath­letic Department will undergo a shift in job posi­tions. Gen­sterblum will join the team to increase the written media material released by the department.

Gen­sterblum said he is excited to step up to the chal­lenge of filling Monastiere’s role.

“Monas­tiere won mul­tiple awards for his work and he has built an amazing foun­dation,” Gen­sterblum said. “So it’s exciting to step into a place where the groundwork has been laid for me, but it’s also a chal­lenge to live up to that standard.”

Gen­sterblum will pri­marily be man­aging and writing for the ath­letics website, keeping track of all ath­letics sta­tistics, and dealing with media out­reach.

Director of Ath­letics Don Brubacher said Gensterblum’s back­ground in jour­nalism made him a prime can­didate to aid the department in increasing the amount of written media material. 

“James is a good writer and he under­stands the mission and goals of Hillsdale College very well,” Brubacher said.

 “It’s quite a large, complex job he is moving into, but we’re excited to structure the position to show his strengths.”

Gen­sterblum started his writing career with the Hillsdale Daily News when he was a senior in high school. At that time, Gen­sterblum wrote for the Daily News as a free­lancer for $25 per story. 

“I’ll never forget I walked into the office and I was expecting an interview process and that I would have to show a bunch of writing samples,” Gen­sterblum said. “But the editor at the time saw me walk in and he says ‘you’re the guy, here’s a recorder, the game’s at seven, good luck.’”

Gen­sterblum then went to Hillsdale College and grad­uated with a Bachelor of Arts in History in December of 2011 before going on to several sports writing and editing jobs. He returned to the Hillsdale Daily News to become the sports editor almost two years ago.

Although the switch from news­paper work to digital media will be a chal­lenge, Gen­sterblum said he believes the skills he’s developed, like the ability to work on a deadline, will benefit him in his position at Hillsdale.

“I have a set of skills that I feel cor­relate very well to this field,” Gen­sterblum said. “The chal­lenge will be learning how to apply those to a new position.”

Gen­sterblum added that he jumped at the chance to stay in his hometown and work at his alma mater.

“For where I’m at now, the Hillsdale College job seemed way too good of an oppor­tunity to pass up,” Gen­sterblum said.

Assistant Ath­letic Director for Media and Com­munity Rela­tions Gwen­dolyn Buchhop, who attended Hillsdale Academy with Gen­sterblum, said both his attention to detail in sports and his writing ability will bolster their department.

“He has always been a sports buff. We ran cross-country together and he kept close tabs on all of our high school records as well as state rankings,” Buchhop said. “James has worked all over the state writing about sports and has developed a strong voice and style which will bring a lot to the department.”

Buchhop will be working with Gen­sterblum as her title has changed from Com­munity Rela­tions Coor­di­nator to Assistant Ath­letic Director for Media and Com­munity Rela­tions. She will add the duties of website content man­agement and depart­mental social media strategy to her current tasks.