(Left to right): Ari­annah Gaiser (Amy), Abbey Bohrer (Jo), Michaela Stiles (Meg), Julia Salloum (Beth), Christopher Matsos | Col­legian

Looking to escape the dol­drums of student life for a few hours to enter a world of family drama sword fights, and romance ?

The Tower Players are pre­senting Little Women in Markel Audi­torium  on Feb. 26 – 29 at 7:30pm and Sunday Mar. 1 at 2pm.

On this 150th anniversary of the writing of the book, Pro­fessors Christopher Matsos and Karl Schmidt decided to bring this iconic story to the Hillsdale stage.

“Any leg­endary story is made better by retelling and any com­munity is made better by the retelling of those stories. Hillsdale deserved its own retelling of Little Women,” said Matsos.

Matsos expressed that he hoped the coming of age story would be relatable to his mostly college aged audience. The tale centers on Jo March as she nav­i­gates adulthood living in New York City. As Jo attempts to publish a book and forge a new life in the city, she reflects on the sweet times growing up with her sisters.

The musical fea­tures a series of vignettes which take the audience back to Jo’s upbringing in Concord, Mass­a­chu­setts. Audi­ences will also enjoy the sub­plots of Jo’s sisters per­forming her adventure novels as Jo explains her stories to Pro­fessor Bhaer. 

Sophomore John Biscaro, who plays Pro­fessor Bhaer, said the music makes the play even more com­pelling as it tells the story in a way that mere dia­logue cannot. Audience members can look forward to numbers like “Aston­ishing” and “Delighted,” directed by Pro­fessor Karl Schmidt and played by a full orchestra.

Costume designer Corinne Landford created 95% of the cos­tuming by hand, all influ­enced by 19th century dress pat­terns. Matsos said the cos­tumes are so impressive, they are “ready for any movie.”

Biscaro said though “Little Women” is a female-dom­i­nated play, this should not keep male stu­dents from attending.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or guy. The story is relatable for both. It’s not a girly story. It’s a story about a family nav­i­gating life during the civil war together without a father,” said Biscaro.

Junior Micaela Stiles, who por­trays Meg March, says she hopes the play will be a respite for her fellow stu­dents.

“I hope it is a fun release to laugh and cry with each other and step away from the harshness of Hillsdale aca­d­emics for a while,” said Stiles.