Stu­dents gathered together in Penny’s for “Water­color with Jo and Caro.” Hannah Cote | Col­legian

Stu­dents had the chance to relax and play with paints over the weekend. 

On Sat­urday, Feb. 22, senior Joanna Dell and junior Car­oline Hen­nekes hosted their second water­color event of the year, “Water Color with Jo and Caro.”

Their first water­color event hosted in the fall semester had a large turnout, and many stu­dents said they were excited for a second round of painting.

Paint palettes were set up around Penny’s coffee shop with numerous brushes and sheets of water­color paper, alongside dif­ferent lattes and teas, cre­ating the ambiance of a relaxing and soothing painting session. Hen­nekes rec­og­nized the calm envi­ronment that the afternoon of painting invoked, encour­aging both her and Dell to con­tinue the ses­sions.

“We just left so happy that other people had a good time at our first session,” Hen­nekes said. “It was noticeable, like everyone was relaxed. It’s Hillsdale, so when that happens you’re like, ‘Oh, some­thing hap­pened!’”

Dell and Hen­nekes are pur­suing art majors and have taken many classes together.

“We’re actually doing a water­color inde­pendent study together,” Hen­nekes said. “Every Monday is a water­color day together which is fun. It’s only halfway through the semester and I feel like it’s changed how I paint with water­color.”

Dell only started working with water­colors her junior year, and has found a new passion for it every since.

“I didn’t really touch water­color until I took a class last spring,” Dell said. “Ever since then I just fell in love with water­color and I got my own sup­plies. Whenever I travel, I paint and I really loved doing it over the summer.” 

Many stu­dents at Sat­urdays water­color event came back for the second one, but there were also many new faces. Sophomore Reagan Linde was unable to attend the first water­color event but made sure she attended the second one.

“I set an alarm so I would remember,” Linde said. “I had set a reminder to go off at noon because I was like ‘I have to go.’”

Sophomore Gladys Oster was also unable to attend the first event, but she opened the door back into her childhood as she painted during the afternoon of the second event.

“I forgot how much I love painting,” Oster said. “It had been a long time, so I was just so excited when the signups came out, like ‘oh my gosh I can do this again.’”

“Jo and Caro’s” water­color ses­sions were received well across campus, as they shed light on the calming atmos­phere that accom­panies art. Even if you haven’t painted in years, events like “Water color with Jo and Caro” provide an outlet for many stu­dents to step back into their artistic roots and take a break from the busy college schedule, allowing them to truly create.