The Class of 2020 is well on their way to raising enough money to gift the college with 10 oak trees for the quad. Their part­nership with local restau­rants this week promises to bring them closer.

This week, a dif­ferent restaurant is part­nering with the college every day of the week to donate 10% of their pro­ceeds to the 2020 Senior Class Gift.  

Anyone involved with the college can par­tic­ipate with a punch card, pro­vided by the seniors, by taking the card to each restaurant they eat out at and getting a unique punch at every stop.  At the end of the week, they can drop off these punch cards at career ser­vices for a chance to win either an Amazon Echo, a Yeti mug, or a Hillsdale Swag Bag. The more restau­rants they go to, the more chances they will have to win.

The restaurant schedule is as follows: Monday — Rosalie’s Road­house, Tuesday — Saucy Dogs, Wednesday — Pub & Grub, Thursday — El Cerrito, Friday — Hunt Club, Sat­urday — Finish Line.

Throughout the seniors’ time at Hillsdale, they’ve seen the quad with and without numerous oak trees, a staple to some stu­dents’ expe­rience on campus. Fundraising Officer Lucy Meckler remembers the quad before every tree was taken down for the con­struction of the chapel.

“There were live oaks that were removed when the chapel was orig­i­nally built,” Meckler said. “People were really pas­sionate about it in our grade because we’ve seen campus post, during, and pre-chapel.”

Lizzie Leathers, Senior Class Trea­surer, often found herself out in the quad when doing homework.

“When I was a freshman my favorite thing in the world to do was to walk into the quad and just find a comfy spot under­neath a tree and read,” Leathers said. “Then the chapel came along so there were no more trees, and I just really want other people to have that expe­rience because it was so special.”

Meckler said that the senior class wanted to bring the trees back to campus.

“We decided that a fun way to fundraise for it could have a Restaurant Week, where every day we part­nered with a dif­ferent business to give back, that way stu­dents could go out and have fun but also feel like they were con­tributing to the class gifts and help bring awareness about the gift more gen­erally to those who may not be seniors,” Meckler said.

Not only are the stu­dents excited for the fundraiser, but the restau­rants are as well. 

“Most of the restau­rants are pretty excited, willing, and love part­nering with the college,” Meckler said. “I got a bunch of pos­itive feedback about how grateful they were to live in the Hillsdale com­munity.”

Meckler, Leathers, and all of campus will soon see the fruits of the seniors’ gift, some even before grad­u­ation.

“The cool thing is we get to see what exactly we’re con­tributing to right now,” Meckler said.