The senior class offi­cials are holding a trivia night for the senior class at El Cerrito on Thursday, Feb. 27 at 9:30 p.m.

Senior Hadiah Ritchey said seniors will form teams and sit at their own tables for each round of trivia. The night is Hillsdale-themed “with a few senior twists.”

“The Hillsdale spe­cific trivia created more work on the set up side of things, but we thought it would make the event as a whole better for the senior class,” Ritchey said. “We all love Hillsdale to some degree or we wouldn’t have stayed here for four years.”

There will be three rounds of 10 ques­tions revolving around the seniors’ past four years at Hillsdale as well as a general trivia cat­egory titled “The Core Revisited.” More than 100 seniors are par­tic­i­pating — about ⅓ of the senior class. Trivia nights have been put on by SAB in the past, but Ritchey said the class offi­cials thought it would be a good idea to have one just for the seniors also.

“This is the first year for a senior spe­cific trivia night, but it would def­i­nitely be cool to con­tinue the tra­dition in the future,” Ritchey said. “Trivia is a great group activity because everyone is able to work toward a common goal and still able to con­verse with their teams.”

Senior Adam Buchmann, who helped with the mar­keting, said the winning team will have their drinks paid for as their prize.

“We are hoping for everyone par­tic­i­pating to have a good time com­peting, reliving some Hillsdale mem­ories, and enjoying some awesome food and drinks,” Buchmann said.

Senior Lucy Meckler said she hopes the event unites the senior class.

“I hope it’s a fun social event that helps bring the senior class together and accu­rately recaps our past four years on campus,” Meckler said in an email. “I also hope the event helps bring awareness about the senior class gift (replanting trees on the quad) and the lasting legacy our class has the ability to leave after our grad­u­ation.”