Annabelle Springborn (left) and Ashley Ter­pening (right) of Hillsdale High School were the recip­ients of the schol­ar­ships awarded by Hillsdale Hos­pital in 2019. Courtesy | Mackenzie Tipping

Hillsdale Hos­pital is offering up to $10,000 a year in a schol­arship grant to help two high school seniors from the Hillsdale area pursue their edu­cation in the field of nursing. 

Stu­dents can choose to attend school for an associate’s degree or a four-year uni­versity to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. The program aims to give assis­tance to stu­dents who want to invest in the Hillsdale com­munity.

According to Nurse Edu­cator Mackenzie Tipping, the goal is that the stu­dents would come back after grad­u­ation and work for Hillsdale Hos­pital in return for the financial assis­tance. 

“We want to do every­thing we can to help the stu­dents in our com­munity succeed in the field they want to be in,” Tipping said.  

The appli­cation asks for a copy of the student’s tran­script, letters of rec­om­men­dation, and a few per­sonal essays of about 500 words, one of which asks, “Why Hillsdale?” 

“We want to know why they’re thinking they want to get into this field; why do they want to stay in this area? Why do they feel like this hos­pital is a good fit for them? Those kinds of things,” Tipping said. 

After applying, stu­dents are inter­viewed by a peer board which mirrors the inter­views they will go through when applying for their job at Hillsdale Hos­pital post-grad­u­ation. This gives them not only an oppor­tunity to meet with hos­pital edu­cators before accep­tance into the program, but also real expe­rience learning valuable job skills for the future. 

Brittany Page is cur­rently the obstetrics charge nurse at Hillsdale Hos­pital and went through this program herself. After receiving a phone call and a letter of accep­tance as a senior in high school, Page was pre­sented with the schol­arship at an awards cer­emony at her school. 

Page said that the hos­pital com­mu­ni­cated with her throughout her college expe­rience, making sure she stayed on the right aca­demic path to set her up for success at Hillsdale Hos­pital.  

“I think it’s been very ben­e­ficial for my career,” Page said. “Hillsdale has done a great job of raising me as a baby nurse and giving me the oppor­tunity to grow in my career.”  

Page attended Dav­enport Uni­versity in Saginaw, Michigan. But having grown up in Jonesville, Page said that she always knew she wanted to come back after school to be near her family and to invest in the com­munity of Hillsdale.  

She com­pared her expe­rience working at a larger hos­pital while at Dav­enport to her expe­rience here at Hillsdale: “At a larger facility, you know, you have mul­tiple teams for dif­ferent things, where here at Hillsdale, we have so much knowledge and so many tools in our pocket that I think as a nurse, I am very well-versed.” 

Page said she hopes to con­tinue her edu­cation in the future by pur­suing a Master of Science in Nursing, and said the culture at Hillsdale Hos­pital has pre­pared her for more edu­cation in nursing. 

“I think that Hillsdale has given me the oppor­tunity and tools that I need as a nurse to want to pursue that later in life,” Page said.