The exterior of Cottage Inn Pizza’s building at its new location, the pre­vious home of Silos Fun Park, along M‑99. | Facebook

On March 5, Cottage Inn Pizza will open at its new location on M‑99, pre­vi­ously the home of Silos Fun Park, according to Cottage Inn Pizza’s Facebook page. 

The pizza shop will be tem­porarily closed beginning Sunday, Feb. 24 as it tran­si­tions to its new building.

The initial announcement of The Cottage Inn’s move recieved 505 shares and 370 likes on Facebook, encour­aging owners Donna Olm­stead and her husband Brad Olm­stead to make the move.

“As this project draws to com­pletion, we are so very excited to finally unveil the hand work and countless hours that have been put into this,” Donna Olm­stead said. “Our com­munity has been so won­derful in their support of this project. We are blown away by how huge this has been received.” 

Cottage Inn Pizza pur­chased Silos Fun Park in August 2019 with plans to ren­ovate and add on to the Silos. Con­struction to attach a building to Silos arcade began on Sept. 1, 2019, in addition to other ren­o­va­tions, such as new flooring and fresh paint. 

With the new space, Donna Olm­stead said she hopes to host birthday parties and large gath­erings. She added that her staff plans on running all of Silos past attrac­tions with the exception of the batting cages, which were damaged years back in a storm and no longer exist. 

Most stu­dents have not expe­ri­enced the activ­ities at Silos, as it has been closed for a few years.

“I’ve always enjoyed Cottage Inn Pizza, and Silos Fun Park has always been closed during my time here,” Hillsdale College junior Julia Sayles said. “It should be a refreshing change to have some­thing in that space.”

With the support of the com­munity and antic­i­pation of the big move, Donna Olm­stead has nothing but grat­itude to all that have made the move possible. 

“We would like to thank Dave Cleveland for his tireless work on this; our kids for keeping the household running while we were con­structing; and the County National Bank for this financial backing and seeing the need within our com­munity for this endeavor,” Donna Olm­stead said. “Please keep praying for a suc­cessful opening.”