Vic­toria Mar­shall | Col­legian

Hillsdale College Pres­ident Larry Arnn crowned seniors Michelle Reid and Dietrich Bals­baugh as queen and king of the 2020 President’s Ball court at the annual event Sat­urday.

Arnn announced Bals­baugh and Reid’s new titles after con­firming that the rumors about him and his “girl­friend” Penny Arnn being an item were in fact, “true.” 

The crowning of Bals­baugh and Reid brought loud reac­tions from the audience, which con­tinued when they were wel­comed to the dance floor by Larry and Penny Arnn. 

Reid, a phi­losophy and religion major with a 3.9 GPA, said she was both honored and humbled to be crowned queen. 

“When I was an under­classman, I thought those who were crowned were a big deal, but now that I’m a senior, it’s kind of fun because we’re all friends and it feels like there are at least ten people I know who would be so deserving of this honor,” she said. “I just love this place a whole lot, and am so thankful for how God has grown me through it. It’s both an honor and makes me chuckle to be rec­og­nized for things from which I’ve received far more than I have earned.” 

Bals­baugh, an English major with a GPA of 3.73, said he was sur­prised and over­whelmed to be named king, before paying tribute to his fellow can­di­dates. 

“It was delightful to stand with such amazing men and women up there who have all helped shape my expe­rience of life together at Hillsdale,” he said. “I was par­tic­u­larly happy that I was with a group of men who I know and trust. I was an RA with Reagan and Messi, Isaac and I are partners in crime at the Writing Center, and who doesn’t know the joy and inclu­siveness that Ian brings to absolutely every­thing?”

Bals­baugh con­tinued by saying that the quality of the nom­inees ulti­mately reflects the student body at Hillsdale.

“I think the court reflected the unity and teamwork of the student body and I was proud of the work that all of us had done both indi­vid­ually and together to further the life of the school,” he said.