Members of the Chi Omega sorority making pan­cakes for charity. Claire Gwilt | Courtesy

The Chi Omega house will kick off their annual pancake breakfast on Sat­urday, Feb. 29th from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The breakfast, which has been Chi Omega’s main fundraising event for the past 10 years, includes pan­cakes, sausage, and eggs. Junior and Chi Omega com­munity service coor­di­nator Samantha Widmer said they host the breakfast every spring parents’ weekend, and it is the most suc­cessful of their fundraising events.

“It does raise usually about close to half of what we raise every year,” Widmer said. “It’s def­i­nitely probably the most loved fundraiser across the house. It just gets so many people involved in one day.”

All pro­ceeds of the event go to the Make-A-Wish foun­dation in Michigan. Junior Clare Nalepa said their adver­tising has been wide­spread, and last year, they were able to invite a “Wish Kid” and her family.

“The goal of the event is not only to fundraise to be able to grant a wish as a chapter but also to support Make a Wish in any way we can as well as con­tinue to get their name out there and what they do,” Nalepa said in an email. “I hope people are able to come and eat a ton of pan­cakes to support a larger purpose and orga­ni­zation that helps kids expe­rience life to the fullest and maybe forget about the very grown-up things they are dealing with in their ill­nesses.”

Widmer said the event brings the house together; each member con­tributes to the event in orga­ni­zation, adver­tising, and cooking, and it reflects the mission of Chi Omega.

“We’re holding each other to a standard of serving one another in the com­munity,” Widmer said. “That’s probably the biggest thing that I would want someone to see when they walk in our house, that this is some­thing we enjoy doing and that we hold each other accountable to do. Come eat pan­cakes, hang out with us – not only is it fun to attend, but it’s fun to be able to support some­thing.”