Student Fed­er­ation wel­comed new rep­re­sen­ta­tives Courtesy | Student Fed­er­ation

The Student Fed­er­ation held its first meeting of 2020 last Thursday, Jan. 16. The Fed­er­ation swore in new rep­re­sen­ta­tives and elected a sergeant of arms to serve for the next aca­demic year.          

Senior Sean Collins will serve as pres­ident, assisted by Sec­retary Katherine Ryerson, Trea­surer Austin Mock, and Vice Pres­ident David Strobach. Collins said his primary goal for this year is that the Student Fed­er­ation will serve Hillsdale hon­orably. 

“I hope the Student Fed­er­ation will con­tinue to deserve its status as an august and ven­erable body worthy of the respect and admi­ration of the student body at-large,” Collins said. 

After being sworn in, rep­re­sen­ta­tives selected a sergeant of arms to serve the fed­er­ation. Two can­di­dates, freshmen Meera Baldwin and Patrick Rhodey, vied for the position. Rep. Ryerson spoke on behalf of Baldwin, attesting to her ded­i­cation to the Student Fed­er­ation. Rep. Siegfried endorsed Rhodey, calling his char­acter and work ethic “unmatched.” By a vote of 9‑to‑7, Baldwin won the election and will serve as the new sergeant of arms. Council members encouraged Rhodey to channel his passion for the fed­er­ation into applying for one of the open coun­cilmember posi­tions. 

Stu­dents are encouraged to attend Student Fed­er­ation meetings every other Thursday at 7 p.m. in the formal lounge. Pres­ident Collins said he hopes stu­dents will “take part in the dis­course by voicing their opinions and con­cerns during the public comment period.”

Any clubs looking for funding can contact Pres­ident Collins or Trea­surer Austin Mock.