Mossey Library has new printers on the first and third levels. Nolan Ryan | Col­legian

The new printers are up and running at Mossey Library. A total of five new printers, two color and three black and white, replaced the five-year-old models that had been in use last fall. With four-floor model Xerox AltaLink B8055 (black and white) and C8055 (color) printers located on the first floor and the fifth Xerox Ver­saLink B405 (black and white) printer located on the third floor, many of the last-minute paper jams that stu­dents expe­ri­enced will be relieved by these faster printers. Library Director Dr. Maurine McCourry stated that all of the printers allow stu­dents to print from emails, scans, or USBs. McCourry noted that the funds for the printers came from the Library’s General Oper­ating Budget and come in well under $1000. 

Librarian Brenna Wade noted that the printers were the “number one com­plaint” of the student body regarding the library and that the new printers would help alle­viate some of that frus­tration. Wade stated that the new printers are a step-up from the pre­vious model, noting that they have a screen that allows stu­dents to track the progress of their printing job and easily cancel the doc­ument if they send the wrong file. Another bonus of the new Xerox AltaLink C8055 printers is the improved color printing. Wade, however, noted that clubs and orga­ni­za­tions hoping to produce high-quality prints should con­tinue using the copying center. 

Com­pared to last semester’s printing expe­rience, Freshman Meera Baldwin was happy with how easy it was to connect wire­lessly.

“It also prints much faster,” stated Baldwin. “Even when there were lots of people printing, mine was ready right when I walked over.” 

Senior Lucas O’Hannian stated that the first time he used the printers there were a couple of issues, which happens with any new tech­nology, but by the second attempt every­thing worked well. 

While the new printers should cause much less con­fusion and paper waste than the pre­vious models, Wade wanted to remind those using the printers to avoid “solving” issues by them­selves. She said that the librarians and student workers are all trained on dealing with the printers, and reduced student attempts to fix paper jams will hope­fully keep the printers in new con­dition as long as pos­sible.